Bolle Ultim8 Safety Goggles

Bollé Safety
  • Full-Seal Goggles
  • Anti-Fog/Scratch Lens
  • UV Radiation / Other Ratings

A pair of Safety Goggles to provide ballistic protection for your eyes whilst playing Airsoft. They offer a full-seal, allowing them to be used at CQB arenas that stipulate this rule, and let you play safe in the knowledge that there's no way a BB can work it's way inside the Goggles. With the full suite of BOLLE ratings and protections, these Goggles guarantee ultimate protection.

The BOLLE Silex+ Glasses are made to the fantastic standard that BOLLE have set themselves since they started making glasses and frames in 1936. They are manufactured to European standards and are fully rated to be safe for Airsoft use.

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As you would expect of a BOLLE product, the lens are absolute top-class, with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating that will keep your view clear and uninterrupted, even when the heat is on. The design of the frame hugs your face and creates a full-seal against the skin, leaving no room for BBs to work their way inside.

The Goggles features an adjustable, thin headstrap which can be adjusted to suit different users. The lens are the BOLLE Platinum series which provide extreme protection in cold, hot, dusty and humid environments, against UV radiation, extreme temperature impacts, liquid/dust particles and extremely fine particles too. The Platinum coating on the lens also ensures ultimate anti-fog and anti-scratch protection.

If you're an Airsofter who likes to keep low profile and lightweight, but don't want to risk your eyes with sub-par protection, then the BOLLE Ultim8 series are quite literally what they say on the packet: Ultimate Protection.


  • Full-Seal Protective Goggles
  • Clear/Smoked Lens Available
  • Ideal for Airsoft Gameplay
  • Wrap-Around Frame for Complete Protection
  • Comfortable Rubber Seal
  • Adjustable thin head strap
  • UV Radiation Protection
  • Medium Impact: 6mm/0.86g/120m/s
  • Extreme Temperature Impact Protection
  • Liquid/Large Dust Particle Protection
  • Gas/Fine Dust Particle Protection
  • Ideal for Cold / Hot / Dusty / Humid Environments
  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • Anti-Scratch Coating
  • BOLLE Platinum Lens Series
  • Lightweight: 53g

Package Includes

  • Ultim8 Safety Goggles



Tactical Equipment Type

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.053kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Clear, Smoked,
Construction Icon
Polymer, Polycarbonate, Rubber
Material Icon
Rubber, Polymer, Polycarbonate,

Glasses and Goggles Specific

Full Seal

Lens Specific

Lens Material
Lens Tint

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