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RRP £24.95
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  • Full Length Zip
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Padded Main Pocket

A 120cm rifle bag, designed to hold one rifle with accessories, allowing it to be transported in public whilst protecting it from scuffs and scratches.

  • Front Pockets
  • Carrying Strap
  • Padded Innards

Want a bag to safely transport your weapons to and from a game day? These bags are padded, hold your weapon in place, and even have extra pockets for tactical accessories.

  • 35mm Wide
  • 192mm Long
  • Foam Filled Suppression

One of the best Airsoft suppressors on the market and compatible with a huge range of guns from AEG's to GBB rifles and even sniper rifles with the right adaptor. The perfect length and truly suppresses your shots.

  • Front Pockets
  • Carrying Strap
  • Padded Innards

Want a bag to safely transport your weapons to and from a game day? These bags are padded, hold your weapon in place, and even have extra pockets for tactical accessories.

  • Over Barrel Design
  • For 14mm CCW Barrel
  • Foam Filled Suppressor

An over barrel suppressor designed to be fitted onto rifles with long outer barrels to give the weapon a suppressed look without having to make the weapon crazy long.

  • Batteries Included
  • Scope Ring Included
  • Pressure Pad & Toggle

The perfect all-in-one torch solution for weapons with a 20mm RIS rail system, brought to market at an absolute steal of a price.

  • CO2 Powered
  • Tough Construction
  • For KWC/Cyber Gun

A CO2 powered 21rnd magazine for the KWC/Cyber Gun CO2 powered Desert Eagle.

  • 4x Magnification
  • Telescopic Rifle Sight
  • Mounting Rings Included

Manufactured by Swiss Arms this telescopic rifle scope is a great buy for those looking to get a closer look at the targets they're shooting. With fixed 4x magnification this scope is perfect for Sniper Rifles, and fits onto a standard 20mm RIS / RAS rail.

  • Foam Filled
  • Alloy Construction
  • 14mm CCW & 22mm CW

The moment all AK users have been waiting for; a high quality PBS-4 Suppressor replica made from Alloy with both a 14mm CCW and 22mm CW thread.

  • Fixed 4X Sight
  • Fast clip mount
  • Designed for SVD

Designed for the Kalashnikov SVD this scope will fit onto any SVD Specific side mounting plate, and can be quickly affixed thanks to the scopes integrated fast removal mount.

From £104.99
  • Full Alloy Design
  • High Quality Finish
  • Gas Blowback Pistol

A high quality, faithful, Airsoft 6mm BB replica of the Colt 1911A World War 2 (WWII) .45 ACP Pistol. This highly detailed piece really stands out from the crowd with the satisfying recoil and loud report when it fires.

From £114.99
  • Hard Kick/Recoil
  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Threaded Outer Barrel

Another fine addition to the 'Railgun' CO2 series, this Alloy constructed monster features intense recoil, a fully licensed Colt design and an amazing 'CLICK CLACK' when the slide is racked.

From £144.99
  • Gas Blowback System
  • Powered by CO2
  • Full Alloy Slide 

From £159.99
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Dovetail Side Mount
  • Real Wood Furniture

Robust, hardwearing and a true performer - just like the real thing! This replica represents absolute bang for buck, and spares no expense with a Real Wood handguard, Alloy receiver and Steel gears.

From £174.99
  • FN Herstal Trades
  • Hard to Find Model
  • Ambidextrous Controls

A highly sought after Bullpup AEG, which is a replica of the Fabrique National (FN) F2000. The gun offers a compact Bullpup design which is friendly for both left and right-handed players whilst accept normal M4 magazines.

From £374.99
  • Hard Kick
  • Gas Blow Back
  • Open-Bolt Weapon

The wait is finally over, the infamous and iconic WW2 era M1A1 Thompson SMG is finally available in gas blowback form - and the wait was definitely worth the wait! 

From £419.99
  • Fold Away Bipod
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Box & AR Mag Compatible

Not too heavy to run it all day, but a must for those looking to slay and score the highest kill streak of the day at their next Airsoft game day. Available in Black or Tan, the M249 MK2 comes with a 2400rnd box magazine to keep you running and gunning for hours!

From £479.99
  • Para Stock Version
  • Huge Capacity Mag
  • Lay Down The Pain!

A chunky and realistic replica of the world-famous MiniMi M249 which is designed for rapid and precise response to threats, even when you haven't quite worked out where they are yet. This replica features the ever-popular and super-compact Para stock.

Founded in 1993 in France, Cybergun now holds more than 20 exclusive worldwide licenses...

With access to some of the top weapons brands around the world Cybergun Airsoft produce high quality replicas of well known guns fully licensed and trademarked. Cybergun own the rights to produce Colt, FAMAS, Glock, Swiss Arms and Mauser, some of the most popular real-world brands.

Cybergun are most famous in the Airsoft world at the moment due to their fully licensed and branded Glock training pistol designed for Military and Police training, through heir SPARTAN Military and Law Enforcement branch, which will hopefully one day make it into the hands of Airsoft Skirmishers.

If you appreciate a completely accurate and realistic design, which pulls no punches in build-quality, then you want a Cybergun replica on your side.