Double Eagle M66 Sniper Rifle M-LOK Bipod

Double Eagle
  • Adjustable in all aspects
  • For M-LOK attachment interface
  • Inner alloy structure with textured polymer shell

The new Double Eagle M66 Sniper rifle has us all very impressed, and one of its most realistic aspects is its solid build quality, and substantial but not over the top (3.5kg) weight. Heavy is good, heavy is reliable, but heavy is also heavy, and it is nice to have something to support that weight whilst you concentrate on landing those BBs on target! Introducing the M-LOK Bipod from Double Eagle, a multi-adjustable bipod, styled to match the gorgeous M66 but compatible with any M-LOK rail system.

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The M-LOK Bipod for the M66 Sniper rifle from Double Eagle is one of the latest and greatest in bipod design, offering extremely low weight and full adjustability, together with M-LOK negative space attachment interface compatibility. This bipod is designed to pair perfectly with the M66 sniper rifle and its uniquely modern Pro 700 stock but is also compatible with any M-LOK attachment surface with 3 slots or more available at the 6 o'clock position.

This bipod uses a robust alloy inner skeleton which interfaces with steel locking buttons to provide dependable locking, regardless of how heavy your rifle setup is. This alloy inner structure is surrounded by a textured polymer shell, which keeps the bipod light and cuts down on any unnecessary weight.

The mounting apparatus for this bipod is constructed from alloy, and can be attached to your M-LOK rail surface using the included bolts and M-LOK nuts. Between the bipod's legs (ooh er) we can find a large knurled thumb screw which is used to adjust the cant and pan functions of the bipod to the tension you require. If you want your bipod to stay straight and true, with no tilting or rotating, you can tighten this thumb screw down to lock the bipod in which ever configuration you need.

To deploy the bipod legs, there are two buttons, one on either side. Pressing these buttons allows the legs to unfold, and once in the deployed position, the legs will lock in place automatically thanks to the spring-loaded locking buttons. The bipod legs can also be extended to any one of 7 positions, with each position being separated by about 1cm, allowing you to set the bipod up for the terrain you are using, availing yourself of a wide range of options. To extend the legs, simply press on the polymer buttons on each leg, and pull the leg out to the length you require. The use of locking buttons in this design is an excellent improvement over friction-locked bipods, as it guarantees that your bipod legs cannot collapse if they are not tightened adequately.

The Bipod's "feet" are comprised of two polymer pieces, which are angled in a "step down" manner to allow you to dig the bipod in for greater stability. This polymer has a slightly rubberized texture on its surfaces, allowing the bipod to grip even smooth and flat surfaces in scenarios wherein digging the bipod in is impossible, such as when it is deployed on concrete walls or floors.

Obviously, this bipod looks fantastic when installed on a Double Eagle M66, but its modern aesthetic makes it an equally good option for those using a DMR with a modern twist. The high-density polymer texture of the outer shell matches well with that of the furniture of a DMR styled AR15, and its use of the M-LOK attachment interface and its superb functional qualities make it perfect for the job!


  • Alloy skeleton with polymer shell
  • Adjustable leg length
  • Steel locking buttons
  • Sturdy, dependable design
  • Fully adjustable in all aspects
  • Rubberized "feet"
  • Lightweight design - much lighter than equivalent bipods
  • M-LOK attachment interface compatible
  • Adjustable/locking cant and pan functions
  • Gorgeous modern aesthetic

Package Includes

  • Double Eagle M-LOK Bipod for M66 Sniper Rifle
  • M-LOK attachment nuts and bolts
  • Allen key



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Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 6cm
Product Length
Approx. 20cm
Product Width
Approx. 8.5cm
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Approx. 0.292kg

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MLOK Rail System