Airsoft Electric Gun Magazine Types

Airsoft Electric Gun Magazine Types

High Capacity (Hi-Cap) Magazine

High capacity magazine do exactly what the name says, holds lots and lots of BBs. There are various different types of magazine, but are usually fed via a special feeding mechanism which is ‘wound up’. When the magazine is wound up if compresses and internal coil spring which drives the gears inside, feeding the BBs.

The magazines can either come in a manual wind, or automatic wind format, the manual wind mags feature  a serrated wheel at the bottom of the magazine or a pull cord, and the automatic using a button or similar method to activate a motor inside to feed the BB’s.

These types of magazine are usually included with guns, and are a great starting point for new players, or those who just want to shoot without reloading.

High capacity magazines can come in the following types:

  • Box Magazine
    These look the same as real magazines, with the capacity for M4/15/16 STANAG magazines ranging from 130-300, and AKs being up to 600.

  • Dual Magazine
    These magazine look like two box magazines connected together using a magazine clamp which are connected together permanently. These two magazines are then used to hold BBs giving a large ammo capacity in a more realistic looking magazine. The second magazine sometimes features dummy rounds to make it look more realistic.

  • Drum Magazine
    These magazine are normally for Light Machine Guns, and usually hold over 1000 BBs. The magazines are usually custom designed for specific guns, but there are some that have been made for most weapon types.

  • Cartridge Magazine
    These magazine are designed for capacity over realism, and work the same as a Drum Magazine, and can hold upwards of 2000 BBs.

Medium Capacity (Mid-Cap) Magazine

Mid Capacity magazines hold an average amount of BB’s, usually between 60 - 120. BB’s are inserted into the top of the magazine, usually via a speed loader, and are then fed from the magazine from a spring. As the BB’s are inserted into the top of the magazine it compresses a spring inside the magazine, as you fire your gun the spring decompresses pushing the next BB upwards.

Mid-capacity magazines typically come designed to look like the weapon they are made for. Some mid-caps have extra features but typically they are all pretty much the same.

These types of magazines are included with some high-end guns, and are great for experienced Airsoft Skirmishers, or those who want to take a more realistic approach and have to reload more often.

Low Capacity Magazine

Low Capacity Magazine work exactly the same as Mid-Cap magazine, except they have a lower capacity than standard magazine, typically 0-30 rounds depending on the type of weapon the magazine is designed for.

These magazines are used by Historical Reenactors, Military Simulation and extremely experienced Airsoft Skirmisher who want a realistic experience where they have to reload constantly.  

Common Questions

Will the magazine X fit in my gun Y?

Usually its a safe bet that most magazines will fit in most guns of the same type. Sometimes brands are not compatible with other brands but this is rare. Most M4/15/16/STANAG type weapons accept most brands, but AK, G36, MP5 and other can sometimes run into problems. If you want to know if a magazine will fit feel free to call us on: 01484 644709, and hopefully we can let you know.

Why would anyone use a Mid-Cap Magazine over a High-Cap?

Some people like a more realistic game, others prefer mid-caps because they don't rattle. When using a High-Cap mag the BB’s are kept free-floating in a large storage chamber, this means that when you move, and so do the BB’s causing them to rattle, this can give your position away.

Other people don’t mind this as they’re not concerned about being sneaky (tactical)!. 

What is the easiest way to fill Mid-Cap and Low-Cap Magazine?

To fill these types of Magazines we recommend you use a Speed loader, which feeds the BBs into the top of the magazine. You can do this by hand but if you do you’re going to have a bad time.

How many Magazine should I carry?

Depending on how trigger happy you are, and what kind of time length each game is can vary the amount of magazines you require. The minimum amount for Outdoors games is usually around 2 Hi-Cap magazine or 4 Mid-Cap however for CQB you may only need one to two Mid-Cap

Do I need to clean my Magazine?

You should not need to do any cleaning on your magazine, unless they get filled with dirt and mud or jam up you should be fine. When first used some people recommend a short burst of silicon spray in the magazine to keep everything moving.

Should I remove the BBs at the end of skirmishing for the day?

We recommend that you take BB’s out of your magazines. Over long periods of time the springs can start to become compressed, though this is not likely to happen over the period of a month it's better to be safe than sorry.

Can I use any weight BB in my Magazine?

Most magazines should be fine with Heavy BB, some cheaper High-Cap magazines might struggle. There is no harm in trying, and the BB can be manually removed by pushing the small spring loaded tab which holds the BBs in.

A BB has jammed in my Magazine, what do I do?

Sometimes BBs can get jammed if they are low quality, a strange size or your magazine is full of dirt. Sometimes a sharp knock on the side of the magazine can dislodge the BB, but if not it will require stripping. Due to the nature of Airsoft each magazine is usually taken apart differently, for more information on specific magazines feel free to call us on: 01484 644709, and we can let you know.

How are motorised Hi-Caps Powered?

Some magazines for Light Machine Guns are powered directly from the gun, where an additional wire plugs into the magazine. Some magazine are powered by a 9v battery or similar, and some are even rechargeable.

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