NUPROL Tango Series N96 L96 Bipod

Code: NAC-05-04
  • Full Metal
  • Spring Assisted
  • Adjustable Leg Length

A spring operated full metal bipod for the NUPROL Tango N96 series of spring powered sniper rifles, which can attach either by an L96 lug or via the Harris lug on the stock.

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This bipod is a full metal construction, making it quite solid but not so heavy as to completely remove your ability to be mobile. The legs are adjustable for length so that when you find the perfect shooting position, you can adjust the bipod to get a comfortable shot. It is spring-assisted and works in the same way an LMG bipod does; squeeze the legs and pull them down and they will 'spring' into position. Simply reverse the process to fold and lock the legs away. 

The bipod attaches to an L96 style bipod lug, but as the NUPROL N96 doesn't come with one as standard you need to make use of the included Harris Lug adaptor, which will pinch onto the small lug near the front of the Replica. To attach the adaptor, first remove it from the bipod and unscrew the sling loop section to remove the inner workings. The small silver pin should be removed, and then reattached through the hole on the Harris Lug on the N96. Once the assembly is screwed back together you will have a solid L96 style bipod lug on the front of your replica, which the bipod will quick attach/detach to.


  • Solid Alloy construction
  • Extendable legs
  • Spring assisted action
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Spiked feet for stability
  • Some play in bipod for freedom of movement
  • Achieve more comfortable prone shooting position
  • Folds and locks in place
  • Sturdy design

Package Includes:

  • Tango Series N96 L96 Bipod



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Approx. 0.72kg

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Bi-pod Mount