Wolverine Airsoft STORM Airsoft 40-140PSI HPA Regulator w/ Line

Wolverine Airsoft
Code: 18738
  • Braided Line Included
  • Spare O-ring Service Kit
  • Tournament Lock Included

An incredibly compact and lightweight solution for any Airsofting looking to go down the HPA route. The STORM regulator with line kit offers a lightning fast recharge rate even at low pressures. 

Full description


The unit is designed to give the user as much air efficiency as possible. As a result you should see an increase in how many shots you can get from one bottle of high pressure air in one skirmish. The major benefit of being more efficient with your Air flow is you spend more time shooting the enemy and less time re-charging or changing bottles in the safe zone or mid fire-fight. The unit is highly adjustable from 40 to 140psi. An all round excellent setup for CQB to woodland DMR and Sniper builds. Included in the set is also a spare pack of O-rings to keep your regulator well serviced. The Dial is easy to read and adjustments are also easy to make. Everything on this unit is solid! There is no looseness and the weight is considerable. We advertise it as being lightweight but you know you have a quality piece of Alloy in your hand when fitting. The line is also braided for added protection not just to your setup but to yourself too. Please see the product details for further information.


  • Allen Key Pressure Adjustment (40-140PSI)
  • Compatible with all Externally Regulating HPA Systems
  • Alloy main valve (for bottle connection) 
  • Simple Screw on Design
  • Can Be Used on SLP and HPA Air Tanks
  • NOT Rated For Co2
  • Sleeve Style Tournament Lock Included
  • Visual needle showing current operating pressure
  • Braided Air line included
  • Quick Detach Line Connectors 
  • Very easy to operate and instal
  • Package Includes Allen Key For Pressure Adjustments
  • Package Includes Spare O-Rings
  • Package Includes PVC Wolverine Patch
  • Please note there is NO air tank/bottle included!

Package Includes:

  • STORM Airsoft 40-140PSI HPA Regulator
  • Wolverine Braided HPA Flex Line
  • Tournament Lock
  • 3/32'' Hex Key
  • Wolverine O-Ring Kit
  • Wolverine Airsoft Patch

Special Instructions

Please note this product is NOT required for the TIPPMANN M4 as it is internally regulated. 

ALL HPA Equipment should be treated with respect.

High Pressure Air can be extremely dangerous, and there are no user serviceable components on any High Pressure Air Tanks or High Pressure Air Lines.

NEVER use damaged or faulty HPA components as a tank rupturing can cause serious injury or death. Never use a tank which is dented or damaged. If a tank is taken for a refill at a shop it will be refused if there are signs of damage.



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