ACE1ARMS Kriss Vector RH Magazine Release For AEG

  • Right-hand magazine release
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Allows the magazine to be released with the firing hand

If you want to speed up your reloads with your Kriss Vector AEG, this will be of use to you. The RH magazine release from Ace1Arms allows you to release the magazine with your firing hand whilst you reach for your spare with your support hand, allowing speedy AR15 style emergency reloads.

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The Ace1Arms right-handed magazine release is a high-quality piece, made from precisely machined Aluminium with steel screws for attachment. The mag release is still functional from the left side, with aggressive checkering to ensure you don't slip off the button, a feature that is retained at the tip of the extended piece which forms the right-handed release, allowing a reliable release regardless of which side you choose to use. This also allows right-handed users to drop the magazine without using the support hand, which can be used to insert a fresh magazine, speeding up your reload.


  • Allows Ambidextrous use of the Kriss Vector
  • Facilitates "mag flip" emergency reloads
  • High-quality aluminium construction
  • Textured release buttons
  • Steel attachment screws

Package Includes

  • Ace1Arms Kriss Vector AEG Right hand Magazine release
  • Steel attachment screws



External Part Type
Magazine Release
Package Includes
Magazine release
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This Magazine release is only compatible with the AEG Kriss Vector


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Weight and Dimension

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Approx. 0.026kg