AGM Micro-Carbine Conversion Kit for G-Series Pistols

Product code: 211528
  • Built-In Torch
  • Ready Mag System
  • Accepts EU17/18/22/31

An easy-to-use carbine conversion kit for G-Series 17/18/22/31 pistols, with a tonne of cool features such as: built in torch, ready mag foregrip, ambidextrous slide controls, included handstops, QD sling point and three point rail system.

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The Micro-Roni (affectionately known as the Macaroni among its' peers) is a full Polymer carbine conversion kit for G-Series pistols, allowing you to attach all sorts of crazy combos of accessories to your pride and joy, as well as giving you a stock to shoulder your pistol, and taking the aesthetic of it to a whole new level. The kit is compatible with EU17, EU18, EU22 and EU31 models, however some others may fit with modification. The carbine kit features a full length 20mm top rail for mounting optics, and two 20mm side rails which would be ideal for torches and lasers. The foregrip at the front of the weapon doubles up as a ready mag system, allowing you to insert your next magazine inside the foregrip for rapid mag changes. The included torch works very well and is a simple push fit into the front of the weapon. The mount it sits in has a choice of two switches to activate the torch, and  you'll be pleased to know it accepts the ever-available CR123A battery. The foregrip also has a trigger block safety which will prevent you from reaching the trigger, a welcome addition when you cannot reach your standard trigger lock safety when the pistol is inside the carbine kit. Included in the box are two gas pedals / handstops which you can install to the rails to further enhance the handling of this weapon, giving your thumb a comfortable and grippy platform to stabilise the weapon. Also included in the box is a Polymer piece that fits over the rear slide of your weapon and has extended charging handles, allowing you to quickly control the slide to chamber a round lightning fast.

This kit is ridiculously simple to set up and use; so much so that it took us roughly two minutes of guesswork to get it right. The pistol when installed sits firm and doesn't rattle around, thanks to the updated locking mechanism which pushes forward on the pistol to ensure a good hold. The weapon is also secured at the front of the carbine kit by locking into the front pistol rail. The folding stock is a welcome addition, and makes it very easy to transport this weapon or to use it in highly CQB scenarios.


  • Easy to install
  • External slide release
  • CAA trademarks
  • Attach crazy amounts of accessories to your pistol
  • "Micro RONI"
  • "Pistol Carbine Conversion"
  • Ready mag system - use your mag as a foregrip
  • 2 x gas pedals included
  • Built-In torch with toggle switch
  • Secures pistol by front rail
  • 20mm railed receiver
  • 2 x 20mm side rails
  • Trigger block safety
  • Quick deployment
  • Rapid removal
  • Folding stock
  • QD sling loop point
  • Rubberised butt pad
  • Stippled grip
  • Suitable for TM, KSC and WE branded G-Series

Package Includes:

  • Micro-Carbine Conversion Kit for G-Series Pistols

Special Instructions:

Please note that this Carbine Conversion Kit DOES NOT come included with a pistol and you will need to install your own.



External Part Type
Conversion Kit


Construction Icon
Polymer stock, with Alloy outer barrel, sling points and screws.

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.86kg

Part Specific

Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS
Weapon Platform

Mount Specific

Sling Mount Specific

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Sling Options
Stock , QD ,