Ares Amoeba Magazine Catch Set

Code: 611407 610758
  • Extended Plate
  • Magazine Release
  • OEM Replacement

An OEM factory replacement magazine release for the AMOEBA AM-013 / AM-014 series of Airsoft electric guns. This particular magazine release is the lengthened, extended version. 

Full description


The part is constructed from Alloy, and Finished Grey and comes with all the parts needed to replace the existing Magazine Release catch on the base rifle. The part comes pre-built, and is comprised of four parts: The plate, the Harm, the Spring and the screw. This part is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who have lost their Magazine Release whilst rebuilding their weapon, or for those who have used their rifle so much their existing part has worn down.


  • Replacement OEM Part
  • Original AM-013 / AM-014 Magazine Release
  • Extended Magazine Release Button
  • Complete Part
  • Textured Pressure Plate
  • Spring Included
  • Great Spare / Replacement Part
  • Part IDs:
    • 'LB-383'
    • 'LB-384'
    • 'FH-M2.5'
    • 'SP-0.7'

Package Includes:

  • Amoeba Extended Magazine Catch Set



External Part Type
Magazine Release


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Gun Metal Grey
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Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.016kg

Part Specific

Weapon Platform
M4 / AR-15 / M16