Ares L85A3 Scope

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  • Realistic Replica
  • Crystal Clear View
  • Night Vision Compatible

This Magnified Airsoft Sight is a replica of the 'Day Sight' that you will see mounted on top of the latest generation of the British Army Service Rifle, the L85A3. It's built to a stunning standard, weighing in at 525g, and offers a crystal clear sight picture with a very useful reticule, as well as an illuminated reticule (including low-brightness 'Night Vision modes'). The integrated Rail Mount installs straight to 20mm Rails, allowing you to mount it on most Airsoft Guns, but it will be most at home on top of the new Ares L85A3 AEG.

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The Ares L85A3 Scope is built to a rock-solid standard, with a Full Metal Construction. Whilst 525g doesn't sound like a lot, by the time it is mounted to your Airsoft Gun this weight definitely adds up! Leaving you with a big smile, sore wrists and a very realistic Airsoft Gun. The reticule of the Sight is accurate to the real thing, and has elevation marking starting at 400m, all the way out to 800m. Whilst you can't reach out to 800m, you can definitely learn where your Rifle drops off and use these markers to your advantage during a fight. The reticule also has windage holdover options, which could be useful for hitting moving targets, but we would be seriously impressed if someone could reliably do this. The Reticule can obviously be adjusted so that you can align the crosshair with your BB impacts, and is adjusted by turning the dial on the underside of the Sight (for elevation) and using a Flat Head Screwdriver to turn the control on the side of the unit (for windage).

The Sight has an Illuminated Reticule, that is powered by a CR1620 Battery inside the Illumination Dial. Just unscrew the cover for this dial to install your Battery; however, there should be one already installed out of the box. By turning the dial, you can adjust how bright the crosshair of your reticule is. The modes marked with a '+' are for Night Vision use, but are not true Night Vision modes - they just happen to be very dim.

The Ares L85A3 Scope can obviously have a Red Dot Sight mounted on top - otherwise it wouldn't be a Day Sight replica! However, this will require a separately available SM-013 Mount and SC-016 Red Dot Sight. The Objective Lens is threaded, which will allow you to install a Sunshade should you wish, helping avoid sun-glare that will give away your position, and helping keep your sight picture clear. The Sight installs to 20mm RIS/RAS Rails, and has an integrated mount that is very easy to use. Simply pull the 'locking arms' out perpendicular to the Sight, place the Sight on your Rail and close these arms again and it will be rock-solid! Be sure to give the Sight a quick 'wobble-test' to make sure the arms have properly grabbed the rail!

The whole package comes supplied in a Polymer Hard Case, with Single Movement Clasps and Wave Foam inside, helping you safely store and transport the Sight. If you own the Ares L85A3 then it goes without saying that this is Sight is a MUST-HAVE. However, with it fitting 20mm Rails and being a very attractive Sight, it is appropriate for most Airsoft Guns.


  • Replica of British Army Sight
  • Ideally Suited for Ares L85A3
  • Attaches to 20mm RIS/RAS
  • Accurate / Authentic Reticule
  • Elevation/Windage Holdovers
  • Illuminated Reticule
  • Powered by CR1620 Battery
  • Adjustable Windage/Elevation
  • Low Brightness 'Night Vision' Modes
  • Threaded Objective Lens for Sunshade
  • Accepts Red Dot Sight (available separately)
  • Integrated Quick Release Mount
  • Tool-less Elevation Adjustment
  • Flathead Screwdriver Windage Adjustment
  • Crystal-Clear Sight Picture
  • Superbly Realistic Replica
  • Polymer Hard Case Included
  • Wave Foam in Case
  • Rubber Lens Caps Include
  • Markings:
    • SFOV4-C1 S/N ATI-10-A00922
    • LDS:5.56
    • 227973-001
    • 1023-86-922-407
    • S/N 2000-11-2019

Package Includes

  • Ares L85A3 Scope
  • Polymer Hard Case
  • Rubber Lens Caps



Sight Type Icon
Sight Type
Package Includes
Hard Case

Weight and Dimension

Product Length
Approx. 14.5cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.521kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
"Full Metal Construction"

Sight Specific

Sight Magnification
Sight Adjustment Adjustments
Windage, Elevation,
Sight Zero Adjuster Method
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Sight Zero Location
Right, Back,
Sight Mount Options
Integrated Rail Mount

Holographic Specific

Holographic Control Location

Illuminated Sight Specific

Illuminated Reticle
Illuminated Reticle Levels
Illuminated Reticle Colours
Battery Type

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