Fenix Filter Adaptor AD302 for TK09 / TK11 / TK12

  • Color Filter
  • For TK09 / 11/ 12
  • Removable Filter

A flashlight beam filter, which allows the user to change the colour of their beam for different uses such as for signals or special lighting requirements. 

Full description


The adapter is built from PC 285 Plastic which is used for its anti-aging, anti-press and anti-impact qualities. The Adapter is 39.7mm in diameter and is designed to work with the TK09, TK11, and TK12 variations of the Fenix Torch range. This is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is looking for a different torch light color, or wants different color lights for different Scenarios.


  • Strong Red Light Filter
  • Change the beam of Fenix Flashlights to Red
  • Anti-Aging, Anti-Press, Anti-Impact PC2805 Plastic
  • 39.7mm Diameter
  • Compatibility:
    • TK09
    • TK11
    • TK12

Package Includes:

  • Filter Adaptor AD302 for TK09 / TK11 / TK12



Parts & Accessories Type
Illumination Accessories
Name Variant
AD302-R, AD302-G, AD302-B,
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.01kg
Product Width
Approx. 3.97cm


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Red, Blue, Green,
Material Icon

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