Jet Blaster CEDA S Gen.2 Pump Action Dart Blaster

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  • Great Performance
  • Higher Speed Dart
  • Gen.2 Edition

Newly released this is the 2nd edition of the well renowned CEDA Model-S, with an updated Trigger, Magazine Release, and internals, increasing the guns performance, power, and reliability. The CEDA Model-S is the first in the Jet Blaster line of Foam Dart guns, designed with power, modularity and performance in mind. Designed for quick assembly and easy strip down the CEDA is the World's first modular blaster and a revolution in blaster. Forget NERF, its time to go big or go home.

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Also known as the Close Engagement Dart Assault (CEDA), this version of the CEDA is the 's' version, or Sport version, designed with power in mind. The blaster comes with short foam darts and a more powerful spring to deliver higher performance, accuracy, and makes your targets squirm.


  • Foam Dart Gun
  • Pump Action design
  • Shotgun style pump
  • Trigger Lock Safety System
  • Build, Customise and Play
  • Magazine fed design
  • Magazine holds up to 15 darts
  • Rifle muzzle to improve accuracy
  • Proprietary extended spring for more power
  • Full seal breach for less wasted air power
  • KATANA Magazine included
  • NERF Magazine to KATANA Magazine Adaptor Included
  • 12x 12mm x 37mm Short High Accuracy Soft Tip Quick Darts included
  • Can be modified with aftermarket parts to fit NERF darts
  • Comes pre-built, but is easy to strip for upgrades
  • Wide array of 3d printable and aftermarket parts for upgrades
  • Low maintenance design, and long lasting construction
  • Five Position Removable Stock
  • Ridged butt plate to prevent slippage
  • Stock tube compatible with AEG style Airsoft stocks
  • Top 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for attaching sights, scopes and other attachments
  • Keyrings on body pins for attaching charms
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip with indent leading to the trigger for smaller hands
  • Rear sling loop point

Package Includes

  • CEDA S Gen.2 Pump Action Dart Blaster
  • KATANA Magazine
  • KATANA Magazine Adaptor
  • 12mm x 37mm Short High Accuracy Soft Tip Quick Dart x12

Special Instructions

Please note that the CEDA does not support NERF sized darts (12.5mm x 70mm) out of the box, and requires a replacement Dart Gate and Barrel set to be compatible which are sold separately.



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Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 1.135kg
Weapon Length Collapsed
Length (Collapsed)
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Length (Extended)


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Polymer Shell with Alloy Spring
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Primary Colour
Blue, Red,
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Secondary Colour

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Tested using Standard Darts

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Further Information


Built from the ground up to be highly customisable, make the blaster fire how you want it to fire.


The CEDA S comes with a proprietary extended spring to allow more power with less effort on priming. effectively giving you an advantage on the battlefield.


With an inbuilt ZRO Rifled Muzzle, be sure to improve your accuracy tremendously.


Maximise your efficiency with a fully sealed breech to convert potential power from your plunger to propel your darts.


Compatible with Airsoft AEG Buffer Tube Stocks!


Full-length 20mm Picatinny rails on the Top & half-length Side rails – allows the use of Optics and other Attachments!