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  • Integrated Mount
  • 1 x CR2032 Battery
  • 11 Brightness Levels

A 1x30 red dot sight that comes included with its' own pre-installed 20mm RIS mount, has 11 levels of brightness and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation.

  • Designed for SVD
  • Fast clip mount
  • Fixed 4X Sight

Designed for the Kalashnikov SVD this scope will fit onto any SVD Specific side mounting plate, and can be quickly affixed thanks to the scopes integrated fast removal mount.

  • Crystal Clear Lenses
  • Life Time VIP Warranty 
  • Adjustable Magnification

Whether you're an Airsofter or a real steel shooter, this is an extremely high quality optic with an adjustable and variable magnification from x3 to x9, making this ideal for use in woodland.

  • VIP Warranty
  • Real-Steel Spec Optic
  • Incredibly Clear Sight

This is the perfect optic for the serious shooter, regardless of whether you're an Airsofter, real world shooter or both! The VIP Warranty on all Vortex optics means that you get a new sight, no matter what happens.

  • Incredibly Clear View
  • VIP Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable Magnification

Reach out further, see clearer and be more effective with the Vortex Crossfire II 4-16x50; the Hubble Telescope of long range shooting optics.

  • Replacement Part
  • For AK47/74 AEG
  • Perfect Spare Part

A replacement rear sight for AK47 / 74 AEG. The sight is the perfect spare or replacement for a snapped component, or as a spare for use the day before a skirmish.

  • MBUS Style
  • Flip Up / Down
  • Adjustable Sights

Simple to install and adjust as well as being lightweight. These are budget replica sights but adjust in every way that is necessary. 

  • Replacement Sights
  • Low Light Front Sight
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS

A replacement front and rear ironsight set for the Scorpion Evo, but will also fit other 20mm RIS / RAS rails. The sites are constructed from Polymer and feature a light enhancing front sight making it easier to shoot in low light conditions. 

  • Press To Release
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Adjustable Windage & Elevation

Aesthetically very pleasing these sights sit perfectly flat when on your normal 20mm wide RIS/RAS/top rail section. 

  • Affordable Sight
  • Ideal For Beginners 
  • Practical Compact Sight

An ultra low-profile and compact red dot sight, featuring 1x magnification and an easy to acquire 20mm x 30mm lens.

  • Belt Pouch Included
  • Optical Cleaning Tissues
  • Microfiber Dust Free Cloth

The must have, don't leave home without it kit.  Everything you need to keep your Vortex or other brand optics in tip-top condition.

  • MBUS Style
  • Flip Up / Down
  • Adjustable Sights

Designed as an "upgrade" over the original Gen1 models that have been very popular in Airsoft due to their practicality and looks. 

  • Lightweight
  • Drop-In Part
  • Accepts T1 Sights

ACM - AK Rear Sight Micro Dot Mount - Black, is an attachment for the rear sight post of Airsoft 6mm AK47 / AK74 variants that allows you to mount T1 sights in place of your iron sights.

  • Low Profile Sight
  • 4x Sight Picture Mode
  • Adjustable Brightness

A lightweigh and low profile holographic sight which can be adjusted, allowing for four different sight pictures, as well as red and green modes. 

  • 4x Fixed Zoom
  • 4x32 Rifle Scope
  • Scope Rings Included

A Scope designed for Airsoft Weapons designed to allow the user to place accurate shots at range, and allows you to follow the trajectory of BBs as they are fired. 

  • Fixed 4x Magnification
  • Illuminated Blue Reticule
  • RIS Rail and Dovetail Mounts

This fixed 4x magnification scope from Nuprol is a fantastic value option for your airsoft sniper rifle. The sight picture is bright and clear and the blue illuminated reticle has 11 brightness settings.

  • Red Dot Setting
  • 1x Magnification
  • Adjustable Reticule

A 1x red dot sight, providing a red dot for aiming. This sight provides a red dot sight with no magnification which provides quick target aquisition whilst in the field, allowing for two eye open targeting. 

  • Low Profile
  • Adjustable Reticule
  • Red / Green Setting

A compact, fully adjustable, red/green illuminated replica Holographic sight based on the real EoTech 551 Holographic sight, capable of being mounted onto Airsoft weapons with 20mm RIS rails. 

  • Red Setting
  • Raised Mount
  • Adjustable Reticle

    A fantastic reflex optic with a red dot reticle featuring adjustable brightness, elevation and windage controls. 

    • 3-9 x 40E Zoom
    • High Mounts Included
    • Illuminated Cross Optic

    An upgraded optic over the traditional standard 3-9x40 alternative. The E version comes with illumination settings with adjustable Red levels of brightness. Also included is a 5cm long sun shade that comes pre fitted within the box. 

    • 2 Bolt Design
    • On / Off Red Dot
    • Alloy Construction

    A high quality very compact optic that is suitable to fit any Airsoft 20mm RIS/RAS rail section. Ideal for pistols, compact SMG and low profile rail systems. 

    • Fixed Mount
    • 3-9 x 40E Zoom
    • Illuminated Cross Optic

    An upgraded optic over the traditional standard 3-9x40 alternative. The E version comes with illumination settings with both Red and Green illumination levels. 

    • Clear quality view
    • Red and Green Illumination
    • Supplied with High Mount Rings

    An adjustable magnified telescopic sight for Airsoft weapons, featuring a 32mm lens, with variable 3x to 9x magnification. The scope is constructed from Alloy and comes with removable covers to protect the lenses when not in use. 

    • Highly Customisable
    • Push-To-Activate Pad
    • Multiple Colour Modes

    A Holographic Sight, with multiple customisation options, designed for quick target acquisition and multiple adjustable colour modes.

    • Tools Inlcuded
    • Constant & Pulsating
    • Adjustable Positioning

    Replace your own boring iron sights for a built in laser unit to acquire your targets easier in low light and put fear into your enemy.

    • 3-9 x 50 Zoom
    • High Mounts Included
    • NON-Illuminated Cross Optic

    The perfect Airsoft sniper rifle scope. Comes with scope rings, lens cleaning cloth, user manual and protective lens covers. Everything you need to stick straight on your RIF. 

    • 3-9 x 50E Zoom
    • High Mounts Included
    • Illuminated Cross Optic

    An upgraded optic over the traditional standard 3-9x50 alternative. The E version comes with illumination settings with both Red and Green illumination levels. 

    • Compact & Lightweight
    • Great spotting scope
    • 8x Magnification

    Designed by VORTEX Optics in the USA this monocular is the perfect lightweight, compact and strong sight for spotting and tracking. The sight is highly functional, and provides a crisp and clear picture with 8x zoom and bright magnification.

    • Adjustable Reticule
    • Red / Green Setting
    • Mesh Lens Protector

      An Airsoft replica of the Aimpoint CompM4 Reflex optic, with a fully functional Red / Green reticle dot with adjustable illumination, elevation and windage controls.

      • Very Wide Vision
      • Rock Solid Scope Mounts
      • 3x Colour Reticule Options

      The ideal Airsoft sniper scope for those who wish to take out their target at distance but keep their aim locked on to keep an eye out for any wondering medics / team mates so they can all be picked off in minimal movement and time.


      Acquire your target and take them out with accuracy!

      We stock a huge range of optics from budget to high-end magnified optics and red dots. All of them fit onto 99% of Airsoft guns on the market. Choose from a wide array of Holographic, Reflex, Magnified, Rifle Scopes and much more. 

      Be ready for your next Airsoft skirmish, if you shoot in low light Airsoft arenas or have an upcoming night game, then be prepared with one of our Airsoft Optics today.

      We also hold a range of Scopes that are perfect for your Airsoft sniper rifles. Featuring illumination, easy to adjust windage and elevation along with a mix of eye relieves and front lenses from 25 to 50mm wide.

      If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
      Telephone: 01484 644709