ASG Multi-Balance Charger Li-Po / Ni-Mh / Li-Fe / Ni-CD

Code: 17205
  • Car Battery Cables
  • NiMh/LiPo/LiFe/Pb
  • Smart Balance Charger

An Airsoft Battery Charger, designed to fit every type of battery most commonly used in Airsoft Rifles and Support Weapons. The charger features a Polymer Shell, and comes with a Power Plug, Car Battery Adaptors, and a Ni-Mh / Ni-CD Battery Cable Adaptor. 

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The charger is designed to fully charge Airsoft Batteries, and both Charges and Balances batteries, and stops when the battery is fully charged as an extra level of protection. The Charger is specifically designed to detect failures, such as Reverse Polarity Input protection, and High Voltage Input protection. The front of the charger features multiple LED, which allow the user to tell what is happening with the battery. The charger will flash whilst charging, and when complete the LED will remain on. The Charger can be plugged into either a traditional wall socket, or can be attached directly to Car Batteries for charging on the move and at Airsoft Sites should you desperately need a battery on the day. This Charger is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who are looking to buy a great battery charger, which allows them to charge all the possible types of Airsoft Battery they might encounter, preventing them from having to buy multiple chargers.


  • Charges most Airsoft Battery Types
  • Charges Li-Po Batteries, Li-Fe Batteries, Ni-CD Batteries, and Ni-Mh Batteries
  • Charger and Balancer
  • Automatically Stop when batteries are fully Charged
  • Reverse Polarity Input Protection
  • Input Voltage Protection
  • For LED States please see 'Special Instructions'
  • Can be used with a Car Battery to charge Airsoft Batteries
  • Car Charge Cable Included
  • Ni-Mh / Ni-CD Battery Cable Adaptor Included
  • CE Rated

Safety Instructions:

  • Do not attempt to open the Charger.
  • Make sure the battery polarity is connected correctly.
  • Do not disconnect the battery until charging is completed.
  • Keep the charger in a dry place.
  • In order to avoid the risk of fire and / or electric shock, the charger must be protected against high Humidity and Water
  • Do not plug in the chager if there are any signs of damage to the Charger, Cables or Connectors
  • Keep out of reach of Children

Package Includes:

  • Multi-Balance Charger Li-Po / Ni-Mh / Li-Fe / Ni-CD
  • Ni-Mh / Ni-CD Battery Cable Adaptor
  • Power Supply (EU Plug)
  • Car Battery Power Supply Cables

Special Instructions:

Warning: Do not attach 2 batteries at the same time to the charger, as this will destroy the charger and the battery.

To switch between battery modes hold the button until the light flashes three times, please ensure all batteries are disconnected before switching.

When charging Ni-Mh / Ni-CD batteries with the charger using the Tamiya connector, insert the adaptor into the 11.1v Output Port.

Below is a table of the LED Status indicators:

 LED SignalStatus
Power OnLight OnPower is Connected
ChargingSlow FlashBattery Charging
 Fast FlashError Detected
 Light OnCharging Compl



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Battery Charger
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Charger Specific

Battery Type
Ni-Mh, Li-Po, Li-Fe, Ni-cd,

Size guide

Airsoft Battery should only be charged with the chargers as they are specifically designed to work with the specific voltages required by the battery.

Different battery types have different chemical configurations, and require certain chargers to charge them. Charging a battery with the wrong charger can cause damage to the battery and charger, and can cause fires and further damage. Please ensure that before charging you double check that you are using the correct charger.

If your charger supports multiple battery types always ensure that it is on the correct settings before starting the charge.

If you are unsure of what battery or charger you have please get in touch with us via the Contact Us Page.

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