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  • Lightweight
  • Magazine Pull
  • Stippled Effect

A mid-cap magazine, providing a perfect mil-sim / skirmish ammo capacity, allowing you to shoot without having to worry about winding mags. 

  • Pistol Mag Size
  • 55rnd Capacity
  • Short & Compact

A short and compact 55rnd magazine for the Ares M45X-S series of modular Pistol Carbine.

  • 160rnd Capacity
  • Alloy Outer Shell
  • Spring Powered Mid-Cap

A spare magazine for the ARES VZ.58 Czech carbine and rifle length 6mm BB Airsoft AEG, designed to replicate the look of the real steel magazines. 

  • Very Robust Polymer
  • Fits Many Branded M4s
  • Replacement M4 Mag Catch

Say goodbye to STANAG! A magazine-well adaptor that allows you to turn your Airsoft M4 AEG into something a little bit different, an Airsoft replica of the 9mm M4/M16s. 

  • 25rnd Capacity
  • Polymer Construction
  • Lightweight & Durable

Convert your beloved Airsoft M4/15/16 STANAG based rifle into the ultimate low profile, 9mm CQB killing machine.

  • Spring Fed Type
  • 120rnd Capacity
  • Medium Capacity

A replacement magazine for ARES's latest release, the L1A1 SLR AEG Rifle, much awaited by all. The magazine features a Realistic Looking Design, with an Alloy Outer Shell and Polymer Internals. 

  • ARES Replacement
  • For M60E4 & M60 MK43
  • 4000 Round High Capacity

An ARES manufactured high capacity box magazine designed for use with ARES M60E4 and M60 MK43 LMGs.

At Patrol Base we stock a vast range of ARES products, ranging from their new Amoeba range, EFCS control units and their new digital gearbox units. ARES are a company based in Hong Kong who specialise in making high quality Airsoft Replica AEG, ranging from full Alloy replicas to Lightweight Polymer Variants. More recently that have been famed for the EFCS (Electronic Fire Control System), designed with a digital controller for gearbox, giving access to advanced features at a great price. We stock the Amoeba Range, including the AM-007, AM-008, AM-009, CCR, CCC, SCAR EFCS and Honey Badger, as well as additional parts such as the official Suppressor Attachment, EFCS Advance Circuit, EFCS Complete Gearbox, spare Gear Sets and replacement Pistol Foregrips.

Ares are recognised as one of the worlds best Airsoft manufactures because of build construction, performance and quality of both internal and external and are available through Patrol Base.