ACM Adjustable 6 Position Bipod with RIS mount adapter

Code: M51616218-6
  • Sling stud/20mm Rail mounted
  • Spring-assisted folding
  • Rubber feet

A robustly constructed Bipod for Sniper rifles and DMR rifles, providing 6 position adjustable legs, rubber feet and mounting apparatus for both sling/bipod stud and 20mm Picatinny rails.

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The 6 Position Bipod from ACM is constructed from strong alloys with steel springs and mounting screws. The Bipod comes with two mounting options; an integrated sling/bipod stud mount and a 20mm Picatinny rail adaptor. This allows it to be mounted to any Airsoft gun with 20mm Picatinny rails, as well as many Sniper rifles, including BAR-10 and L96 rifles with a front sling/bipod stud. This Bipod features spring-assisted folding and spring-loaded bipod legs, allowing you to set your rifle up quickly so you don't miss out on that perfect shot!

The legs can be folded and unfolded simply by grabbing the leg and rotating it, once the initial spring pressure keeping the legs locked is overcome the legs will snap into the folded or deployed position. The legs of the Bipod can be extended into any of 6 positions, simply by pressing the textured buttons on the top/front of each leg. When one of the buttons is pressed the leg will shoot out to the 6th position under spring pressure, and can then be adjusted to the perfect height by holding down the button and releasing it when the leg is at the desired length. The feet of the bipod are made from solid rubber, allowing great grip on hard surfaces, and are shaped to allow them to dig into softer surfaces such as mud. Unlike many other bipods, this design allows for the rifle to be tilted when rested on the bipod, ensuring that you can still set up on uneven ground and position your rifle in a level and straight manner. This bipod would be perfect on a Sniper rifle, DMR or support weapon, or a normal rifle for the lazy Airsofter who wants to make laying down fire from a stable position a breeze!


  • Spring-assisted folding
  • Spring-loaded legs
  • Grippy rubber feet
  • Tilting function to ensure level setup
  • Sling/Bipod stud and 20mm Picatinny compatible
  • Perfect for BAR-10, Well MB series and L96 rifles

Package Includes

  • ACM Adjustable 6 Position Bipod with RIS mount adapter



External Part Type
Package Includes
20mm Picatinny rail mount


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Item Colour
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Alloy with steel screws and springs

Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 6cm
Product Length
Approx. 18cm
Product Width
Approx. 9cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.355kg