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  • Reinforced bevel gear
  • 9-Tooth design - Thicker teeth, greater durability
  • Great for high stress builds

If you are building an AEG DMR or another AEG which requires extra torque and durability the ZCI 9-tooth bevel gear would be a perfect fit. This hardened steel bevel gear has 9 steel teeth instead of the usual 10, allowing the teeth to be considerably thicker and reducing the chances of failure in high-stress applications.

  • Easy Build & Installation
  • CNC Machined Aluminium
  • Improved Accuracy & Range

Delivers more range and improved accuracy from your Airsoft AEG. Designed primarily for M4 AEGs but may be compatible with other AEGs that use an M4 style hop unit.

Not only does the hop unit look sweet in metallic red it performs amazingly. With a highly precise and precision tuneable rotary hop wheel you can add micro hop adjustments to any weight BB. An ideal upgrade for any Airsofter and combined with the right FPS you can easily lift up to a 0.36g BB or heavier.

Once fully built this hop unit is solid, with zero side hop arm movement your shots are far more consistent in fight path on every shot. We recommend you combine this hop unit with high quality BBs for truly outstanding results! Please note there is no hop rubber or nub included!

About ZCI

Zhucheng International or ZCI Airsoft specializes in research, production and. sales of precision parts and have since moved into the Airsoft market and now offers AEG internal parts and accessories.

Their vast array of products include everything from exterior parts such as grenades, tracer bipods and much more in addition to internal parts such as springs, pistons, nozzles and much more.