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  • Foam Filled
  • Alloy Construction
  • CW & CCW Thread

An Alloy constructed Suppressor for Airsoft replicas, featuring a 14mm CCW Thread at one end, and 14mm CW Thread at the other to make it compatible with any Airsoft Gun that has a 14mm Male Thread. 

  • 14mm CCW
  • 155 x 30mm
  • ~100g Weight

A lightweight and slim profile suppressor which is made from Alloy, and has external grooves and texturing for improved grip and aesthetics.

  • For 14mm CCW
  • Dimpled Design
  • Aluminium Made

An Aluminium constructed Suppressor for Airsoft Guns that have a 14mm CCW Male Thread. Ideal for hiding an Inner Barrel Extension or just for adding some tactical cool-factor to your equipment, this Suppressor will attach to 95% of Airsoft Replicas and is the perfect finishing touch to any Custom Gun.

  • For 14mm CCW
  • Aluminium Made
  • Smooth Suppressor

This Muzzle Device is designed for Airsoft Guns with a 14mm CCW Male Thread (which is 95% of Airsoft Replicas), and is the perfect finishing touch to any custom build, and is especially useful for hiding an Inner Barrel Extension. If you have a Airsoft Gun with a 14mm CCW Thread, custom or not, then the CYMA Dummy Sound Suppressor will look great sat on the end.

  • Aluminium construction
  • For AK-type side rail
  • Provides a 20mm Picatinny optics rail

If you want to add a western red dot sight or scope to your AK platform this adapter will do it! The M-ETAL 20mm Picatinny Railed Scope Mount for AK Side Rail fits AK-style side rails present on most AK-74 and AK-10x style AEG and GBB rifles and provides a 20mm Picatinny rail of approximately 17cm in overall length.

The mount attaches via a QD locking mechanism constructed from steel, meaning you can quickly add and remove your optic to suit the requirements of the mission and even switch between a red dot sight and telescopic sight if you have a mount for each optic. If your AK needs the benefits of western 20mm Picatinny sight options this adapter is a must!

About M-ETAL

Specialising in Airsoft suppressors and silencers, M-ETAL is a brand that produces quality, but budget-friendly accessories for your Airsoft replicas.

As their name would suggest, their suppressors are constructed from tough alloys, for a nice weight and finish. For those of you that like to run a sneaky build, think about picking up one of their suppressors to complete your loadout.