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  • Heat Resistant
  • Copper Contact
  • For Range of AEGs

A series of Selector Plates from Modify, which are available for a range of AEGs.

  • Rated to 200°C
  • Low Resistance Copper
  • Heat Resistant Compound

A replacement fire select plate for a Version 2 G3 gearbox, part of Guarder's upgrade range for Marui weapons.

  • Polymer Main
  • Easily Modifiable
  • Removable Copper Contact

Historically, this item has been known as a reliable replacement/upgrade for your Airsoft Version 3 gearbox. If you are looking to upgrade your existing setup, or need to replace a broken selector plate, then this is an ideal solution.

The Selector Plate sits on the external of the gearbox, and is a relatively easy component to access. They generally have a Copper contact on the side which can be worn out with time, so any Selector Issues could be resolved with a new one. If you're looking to lock your Replica to Single Shot then this part is easily modified by cutting out a small piece to avoid actuating the 'Full Auto' switch that sticks out of the Gearbox. If you're going to attempt this modification it would be a good idea to have a spare on standby to restore your Full Auto function, or just in-case you make a mistake during install or modification.