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  • Replacement original parts
  • For CYMA CM.098 SR-25 AEG
  • Fix up your old AEG!

If your selector switch is damaged or you lost a bit during maintenance this set can be a lifesaver! The CYMA Ambidextrous Fire Selector Gears for CM.098 is a replacement original part set for the CM.098 series of SR-25 AEGs and includes the internal selector gears and axis for the CM.098 ambidextrous selector switches. 

  • Heat Resistant
  • Copper Contact
  • For Range of AEGs

A series of Selector Plates from Modify, which are available for a range of AEGs.

  • High density polymer construction
  • Replacement selector plate for M4/AR15 AEG
  • Reduced resistance and improved strength

If you have had a mishap and broken your selector plate, or you want something a bit stronger to reduce the likelihood of failure and reduce resistance at the same time the Laylax Hard Selector Plate is what you need. This selector plate is compatible with M4/AR15 AEGs and is constructed from hardened polymer to reduce flex and improve strength. This is a conventional selector plate designed for standard trigger contacts and will not work with optical MOSFETs without modification.

The Selector Plate sits on the external of the gearbox, and is a relatively easy component to access. They generally have a Copper contact on the side which can be worn out with time, so any Selector Issues could be resolved with a new one. If you're looking to lock your Replica to Single Shot then this part is easily modified by cutting out a small piece to avoid actuating the 'Full Auto' switch that sticks out of the Gearbox. If you're going to attempt this modification it would be a good idea to have a spare on standby to restore your Full Auto function, or just in-case you make a mistake during install or modification.