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  • High Quality Finish
  • Great For Rebuilding
  • Every Spring Needed

Set of several springs for multiple purposes from anti-reveral latch springs, trigger springs, tappet plate springs and more.

  • 6pcs In Total
  • Full Spring Set
  • Ideal Emergency Spares

One of the most valuable purchases you could make if you intend to rebuild a Version 3 Airsoft gearbox. It is very easy for one of these springs to go flying or camouflage it self into a carpet.

  • Spring Set
  • Screws Included
  • Steel Construction

A complete set of springs from Modify which are suitable for Version 2 and 3 Airsoft Electric Gearboxes.

Lost that annoyingly tiny and incredibly important spring from your gearbox, which has now been hoovered and is long gone? Never fear, we sell complete spring sets which contain all those hard to find springs which you would be stuck without. Save money on buying individual springs and having them posted - bulk buy in a set and have plenty spare for when you inevitably lose