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  • All 9cm Long
  • Various Colours
  • Set Of 21 Tubes

A heat-shrink kit designed to give you all the heat-shrink you'll need when working on a project gun or replacing wires. The heat-shrink is constructed from PVC, and shrinks in size when heated, designed to protect wires and other electrical components.

  • Silicon Coated
  • 2 Metres Length
  • Highly Conductive

Super conductive and easy to route throughout your gearbox and rest of your Airsoft AEG.

  • Low Resistance
  • Switch Assembly
  • Mini Tamiya Plug

A complete Switch Assembly for a variety of AEGs, which includes Low Resistance Wiring with either a Mini Tamiya or Deans Connector on the end.

Got some burnt out Wiring to replace? Want to up-rate some older wiring in preparation for a higher voltage battery? Just feel like making your internals all pretty and uniform? Grab yourself some Silver Wiring today to ensure you have the most conductive circuitry possible.