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  • Suitable For The M14
  • Designed For V7 Gearbox 
  • Spring And Shim Included

Another high quality anti reversal latch from ASG Ultimate.

  • Highly Polished Finish
  • For Marui Recoil Shock
  • Unique RECOIL Fitment

An Anti-Reversal latch, designed specifically for Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock Rifles.

  • For A Range Of AEG
  • Designed For V2 / V3
  • Spring In Picture Included

ASG Ultimate anti reversal latch designed for both version 2 and 3 Airsoft gearbox.

The Anti-Reversal Latch in your Airsoft Electric Gun is responsible for preventing reverse-motion of the gears, which would cause damage to your Piston/Gear Teeth if it was allowed to happen during a cycle of the Gearbox. It is a metal piece which sits on the Bevel Gear, and is held in place by a spring to physically block the Gear should it want to turn backwards on itself. This is a pretty vital part to the long-term operation of your AEG; a faulty Anti-Reversal Latch can usually be diagnosed by an winding noise heard after firing. You'll know when you hear it!