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  • For V2 Gearbox
  • Perfect Spare Part
  • Replace Burnt Contacts

A replacement unit for Version 2 Airsoft AEG Gearboxes. This unit is the perfect replacement for any worn or burnt out trigger mechanisms you have in your current Airsoft AEG. 

  • Replacement original part
  • For CYMA CM.033 or CM.051
  • Complete trigger/switch assembly

If you are having trigger issues with your CM.033 or CM.051, or for that matter, any other TM clone M1A1 SMG, this should sort the issue out! The CM.033/051 Trigger Assembly from CYMA is a drop in replacement trigger unit, pre wired with a mini-Tamiya connector and spade connectors, with all the fiddly springs and contacts already in place! The trigger box is constructed from polymer, with the trigger itself being made from alloy.

From £14.99
  • Switch Assembly
  • High Temp. Resist.
  • Copper w/ Tin Plating

A strong and durable Switch Assembly for either Version 2 or 3 Airsoft Electric Gearboxes.

  • Silver Wiring
  • Copper Contact Points
  • Rigid Bend In Place Wire

A fully pre-wired trigger switch set for Airsoft M4 and other variants that share a Version 2 gearbox.

  • Low Resistance
  • Switch Assembly
  • Mini Tamiya Plug

A complete Switch Assembly for a variety of AEGs, which includes Low Resistance Wiring with either a Mini Tamiya or Deans Connector on the end.

  • Complete switch assembly
  • Includes KRYTAC MOSFET
  • Pre-wired and ready to install

If you are experiencing issues with semi-automatic as your AEG gets older, the likelihood is your switch assembly/trigger contacts have become corroded and need replacing. Fortunately KRYTAC are here to provide a complete pre-wired switch assembly, complete with their in-line MOSFET which provides protection to the circuitry and prevents the AEG from firing if the battery voltage drops too low. The assembly comprises of the trigger contacts, MOSFET, automotive fuse, male Deans connector, and spade connectors, all wired together and ready to go once installed.

Got an Airsoft Electric Gun with burnt out Trigger Contacts? Replace the entire unit in one fell swoop and have done with it. Some replacement units even come included with fresh Wiring and a Connector. If your AEG has suddenly stopped doing anything when you pull the Trigger, the Trigger Switch / Contacts could be at fault.