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  • Replacement screws
  • For Version 3 gearbox motor cage
  • Replace your lost bits!

If you have misplaced a screw from your motor cage during upgrading/maintaining your version 3 gearbox, no need to hunt for the perfect screw! This screw set from Specna Arms provides all the screws necessary to attach your motor cage to the gearbox and secure the motor inside the cage.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Complete screw & washer set
  • For version 2 Airsoft gearboxes

If you've misplaced or stripped a screw from your V2 gearbox shell, this replacement screw set from ZCI should get you up and running again! Constructed from stainless steel, this set includes a full set of washers and screws to replace the external screws holding the version 2 gearbox shell halves together. If you're into the technical side of Airsoft, this screw set is an ideal spare to have on hand just in case!

  • Set of 3 x Long 
  • For V2 Gearbox
  • Flat Head Screws

Ideal upgrade or replacement screw set for an Airsoft V2 gearbox. May also be compatible with other gearbox types.

Whether it's replacing a broken part, up-rating for longer lifespan or simply matching up some missing parts, we all need a good Screw to keep things together.