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  • Chrome Finish
  • Includes Fitting Screw
  • For Version 3 Gearboxes

A vital spare for Version 3 gearboxes.

  • Chrome Finish
  • Includes Fitting Screw
  • For Version 2 Gearboxes

A vital spare part for Version 2 gearboxes.

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  • Steel Made
  • Version 2 or 3
  • Spring Included

A Steel manufactured Cut Off Lever with an option for both Version 2 & 3 Airsoft Gearboxes.

Your Cut-Off lever is a Polymer or Alloy piece that sits between your Trigger and Sector Gear and serves to interrupt/disconnect the trigger once your Gearbox has made a complete cycle. There is a Cam on the Gear which pushes the Cut-Off Lever into the right position to stop the Gearbox cycling when in semi. Any issues pertaining to Semi-Auto function could be a result of a faulty Cut-Off Lever.