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  • 200Rnd Capacity
  • Tough Alloy Shell
  • Spring Fed Design

A medium capacity spring-fed magazine for ASG and CYMA branded Airsoft Electric M14 series rifles that holds a total of 200 rounds.

  • 140rnd Mid-Cap
  • Tough & Weighty
  • Steel Construction

A Steel mid-capacity magazine for AR-15 / M4 models of Airsoft Electric Gun, that will fit and feed in 95% of M4 based Airsoft guns.

  • Clockwork Design
  • 400 Round Capacity
  • Modern Era Magazine

Inspired by modern polymer bodied P-style magazines, this is a 400 round high capacity Airsoft magazine, that's compatible with a wide array of M4 / M16 Airsoft electric guns.

  • 550rnd Capacity
  • Modern Textured Mag
  • Lightweight Polymer Design

A clockwork high capacity 550rnd magazine for AK platform Airsoft Electric Guns. The mag has a modern aesthetic loosely based on P-Style magazines and is ridged and textured to improve grip in even the worst conditions.

  • Perfect for CQB
  • Fake Rounds Inside
  • Mags Can Be Linked

A low capacity G36 magazine from ASG, with a transparent Polymer casing and dummy rounds which can be seen through the case.

  • 74 Round Capacity
  • Spring Fed Mid-Cap
  • Recoil Shock AK Mag

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's AK Platform Recoil Shock range, with a design based upon the Russian Bakelite Style Magazine used by the Real Steel Rifles.

  • Bundle Set
  • 85 Round Low Capacity
  • Replica STANAG Magazines

An amazing value pack of ten Airsoft replica 5.56mm STANAG M4 / M16 magazines, each with a low capacity of 85 rounds, designed for use with STANAG compatible Airsoft electric guns. 

  • 10 x STANAG
  • Mid Cap 85 Rounds
  • Lightweight Polymer

A multipack of ten full Polymer STANAG magazines for Airsoft 6mm M4/15/16 variants.

  • 30rnd / 120rnd Switch
  • ERG System Magazine
  • Dupont™ Zytel Polymer

The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of magazine which has been adapted for a wide range of Airsoft weapon types. This variant of the EPM magazine is made specifically for the PTS / KWA ERG, also know as the Electric Recoil Gun series.

  • ARES Replacement
  • For M60E4 & M60 MK43
  • 4000 Round High Capacity

An ARES manufactured high capacity box magazine designed for use with ARES M60E4 and M60 MK43 LMGs.

  • 3,500Rnd Capacity
  • Works With Most Brands
  • Electric Winding Function

A push-button electric winding 3,500 round box magazine to feed your precious Krytac II Trident all day and then a little bit more!

  • Real Cap Magazine
  • 30 Round Capacity
  • Durable Construction

    A Real Capacity Magazine built for the Ares BERYL Mod. 96 AEG Assault Rifle, and is built to look as realistic as possible.

    • Full Polymer
    • 16 Round Capacity
    • G36 Short Low Cap

    A baby sized Airsoft SL8 G36 short magazine with a 16 round capacity.

    • Full Metal Shell
    • 100rnd Mid-Cap
    • Easy To Fill System

      A High Capacity (Hi-cap) magazine designed to fit the ASG MP5 Series AEG.

      • Bottom Winding
      • M14 / SLV AEG Magazine
      • Large top Filling Window

        A High Capacity Magazine designed to fit M14 / SLV Airsoft 6mm BB AEG Electric Guns. The Magazine is constructed with an Alloy shell with Polymer internals. 

        • Holds Up To 20 BBs
        • Low Capacity Magazine
        • For Jing Gong SL8 / G36

        A replacement magazine for the JG SL8 G36 Variant Airsoft AEG Gun, but can also be used in Standard G36 AEG Rifles as an alternate to the standard magazine.

        • Spring Fed
        • Low Capacity
        • For M70 Sniper

        A spare magazine for the ASG M70 Varmint Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm Sniper Rifle. The magazine is constructed from Polymer and is spring fed. 

        • Selectable Capacity
        • Ridged For Extra Grip
        • Lightweight Polymer Design

        A selectable capacity magazine that lets you choose between 30 rounds (real capacity) and 130 rounds (mid capacity), making these incredible value magazines for MilSim skirmishers who don't want to have to purchase a whole backlog of real-cap magazines for events.

        • Holds 30 Rounds
        • Fits the Urban Sniper
        • Polymer Construction

        The ASG Urban sniper spring sniper rifle magazines made from Polymer and holds up to 30 rounds at a time. Easy to adjust with a side press button release catch and compact for easy storage during mid game use.

        • 110rnd Mid-Cap
        • Transparent Body
        • Spring Fed System

        A Medium Capacity (Mid-Cap) Magazine for Steyr AUG A1, A2, and A3 Rifles. The magazine is constructed from Transparent Polymer which lightweight and durable, which allows you to see through the magazine and count the ammo you have left in the magazine. 

        • 100rnd Capacity
        • Clockwork Design
        • Metal Construction

        Spare 100 rounds metal Scorpion magazines are hard to find and we have limited availability! High capacity magazine for the Scorpion VZ61 Airsoft AEG.

        • Realistic Design
        • Top Filling Window
        • Bottom Winding Wheel

        A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416 and more.

        • 150rnd Capacity
        • Polymer Construction
        • Medium Capacity Mag

        A replacement magazine for Airsoft AK47 / 74 AEG, which are based off Tokyo Marui Style designs, such as the CYMA AEG.

        • 30rnd Magazine
        • Alloy Outer Shell
        • For L96 Sniper Rifle

        A spare magazine for L96 Type Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Sniper Rifle. The magazine is officially for the ASG L96 Sniper Rifle, but will fit a range of other Brands. 

        • 300rnd Capacity
        • Plastic Construction
        • ASG AUG A1/A2 Magazine

        A replacement or spare magazine for ASG / JG / STEYR Brand Airsoft AEG. The magazine is constructed from Polymer and features a large easy access bottom winding wheel. 

        • 55rnd Capacity
        • For CM701 Rifle
        • Spare Magazine

        A replacement magazine for CYMA Brand VSR Bar 10 Rifles, such as the CM701 Range. The magazine is constructed fully from Polymer with an Alloy Spring. 

        • Alloy Construction
        • 120 Round Capacity
        • Original AK47 Magazine

        A 6mm BB medium capacity magazine replica, based on the AK47's original Magazines, designed for use with E&L Airsoft's AK47 series of AEGs. 

        • High Quality Replica
        • Lightweight Polymer
        • 120 Round Capacity Magazine

        A 6mm BB medium capacity magazine replica, based on the Bakelite-polymer Magazines of the AK74 series of weapons, designed for use with E&L Airsofts line of various replica AK74 AEGs. 

        • Mid Cap Magazine
        • Lightweight Polymer Magazines
        • Replica Knights Armament PDW Magazine

        A medium capacity magazine designed specifically for the DBoys PDW 6mm BB AEG Airsoft Gun. 

        • Spare 9mm Magazine
        • 45 Round Low Capacity
        • Requires 9mm Conversion Kit

        A single Airsoft 6mm BB magazine based on the unique real steel 9mm carbine magazines for M4 / M16. These magazines are designed to be used with the ARES M4 - 9mm Conversion Kit, and allow Airsofters to use these 9mm style Airsoft magazines in their M4 or M16 AEG.


        Big mags for your larger weapons

        Looking for magazines for your long guns well look no further, we have a vast range of magazines for Rifles, Support Weapons, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles. If you're wondering what a long gun is, its exactly what it says on the tin, the larger rifles and weapons. 

        Worried that the magazine you're wanting isn't going to fit? No problems! Get in touch with us via our Contact Us Page.