MGP Armour Hand Stop Set with QD Sling Socket for M-LOK

Code: 002060202-T
  • Hand stop, rail panel, QD sling socket set
  • High density polymer with aluminium sling socket
  • For M-LOK rail system 

For those who prefer a traditional horizontal grip but still want an index point to help steer the rifle when things get up close and hectic, the Armour Hand Stop Set has your name on it! This set is easily mounted to any M-LOK rail system using a combination of screws and a push fit panel and provides a hand stop and a QD sling socket with a rail panel to go between. 

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The Armour Hand Stop Set from MGP is constructed from high density polymer with an aluminium insert for the QD sling socket, and steel mounting screws. The set is comprised of three parts; a hand stop, a rail panel and a QD sling socket. 

This set is designed to work as a group, mounted on the 6 o'clock attachment surface, but can be split up and combined with additional MGP Armour M-LOK rail covers and positioned wherever you like. This allows you to position the QD sling socket wherever you need it, and add the hand stop either at the muzzle end to guard against those accidental finger shots, or behind the hand to help control the rifle as you transition between targets. All parts of this set include the same linear gripping texture as the MGP Armour rail cover panels do, meaning no matter the weather conditions, and either with or without gloves, you are guaranteed to have a perfect grip on your rifle with this set installed. 

The Armour Hand Stop Set is available in either black or tan, and is compatible with real spec M-LOK, meaning no messing around with files to make this set fit perfectly on any setup. When mounted the set is rock solid, and fits together seamlessly for optimum comfort. 


  • High density polymer construction
  • Aluminium QD socket insert
  • Steel mounting screws
  • Seamless design for perfect look and comfort
  • Gripping texture on the surface for more control
  • Set includes hand stop, QD sling socket, 1x rail cover panel
  • For M-LOK rail system

Package Includes

  • MGP Armour Hand Stop Set with QD Sling Socket for M-LOK



Parts & Accessories Type
External Parts
External Part Type
Rail Cover, QD Sling Loop Mount Point, Hand stop,
Package Includes
Rail Panel
QD Sling socket
Hand stop


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Item Colour
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Polymer with aluminium QD sling socket, steel mounting screws.

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.025kg

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Rail System
M-LOK Rail system

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Sling Mount

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Sling Options

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Rail Cover

Rail Cover Specific