SRU SR PDW Body Kit for EU-Series Pistols

  • Easy Installation
  • Carbine Conversion
  • For EU Series Pistols

An incredibly awesome and very Sci-Fi Body Kit for EU-Series Pistols, made from 3D Printed material. This Body Kit will completely convert the look of your EU Series Pistol, giving it a Sliding Stock, 20mm Rails, Flared Magazine Well and much more! If you love your EU Series Pistol and want to seriously upgrade its looks and function, without changing the Pistol, then the SR PDW Body Kit for EU-Series Pistols is exactly what you were looking for!

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The 'Prototype Division' is a new production line from the SRU brand, who manufacture components and body kits for Airsoft Guns using 3D-Weaving technology. This allows them to quickly develop and bring their ideas to market, for a reasonable price; filling the 'fun' part of Airsoft by allowing you to make your Airsoft Guns look crazier than ever before!

This Conversion Kit is designed for EU-Series Pistols, and will fit and work with both Gas Blowback and AEP models - the only stipulation is that it must have the Rail/Slot on the underside of the Frame (as all EU Series Pistols do anyway). Out of all the SRU Body Kits, this is one of the easiest to install - needing very little to get going. Picture based instructions are included with the kit, but it is as simple as installing the Charging Handle piece of the Rear Sight Post of your Pistol and sliding it into the Body Kit, ensuring that the Railed Frame slides into the appropriate slot. From here, the included Nut n' Bolt secures through the front of the Body Kit, through the Railed Slot on the frame, and holds the whole kit solidly in place.

The Body Kit provides a Sliding PDW Stock at the rear, controlled by pressing down on the release lever at the rear of the Receiver Rail. 20mm Rails can be found on the sides and lower of the Gun for accessories, such as Lasers, Lights and Grips. A top 20mm Rail runs the length of the Gun, ready for Sights and Scopes. A QD Sling Socket can be found at the rear, for the installation of a Quick Release Sling Loop. The Charging Handle is an extension piece that slots onto the rear of your Slide, and protrudes from the side of the Kit for easy access. This Charging Handle can be swapped to either side, to suit left or right handed players. A Flared Magazine Well is included (one for AEPs, one for GBBs), and is screwed into the base of your Pistol Grip to finish the package off.

If you love your EU Series Pistol and you want to take it to the next level, without drastically modifying the Gun or buying a new Pistol completely, then the SR PDW Body Kit for EU-Series Pistols will be right up your street!


  • Complete Body Kit
  • Gun NOT Included
  • 3D Printed Material
  • For EU Series Pistols
  • Easy Installation
  • Picture Instructions Inc.
  • Sliding Multi-Position Stock
  • Full Length Top 20mm Rail
  • Side & Lower 20mm Rails
  • Large Trigger Guard
  • Completely Revamp Your Pistol
  • Carbine Conversion Kit
  • Make Your Pistol Your Primary
  • Flared Magazine Well
  • Fits AEPs & GBB Pistols
  • Large Hand Hold at Front
  • Textured Butt Pad
  • Markings:
    • SR-PDW-K
    • PDW-K
  • Compatibility:
    • EU-Series Pistols (AEP or GBB)
  • Requires Removal Of:
    • Nothing!

Package Includes

  • SRU SR PDW Body Kit for EU-Series Pistols



External Part Type
Conversion Kit


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
3D Printed

Part Specific

Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS
Weapon Platform

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