8Fields Tactical Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig; 500D Cordura Version

8Fields Tactical
  • Buckle up chest rig
  • 8Fields Premium - 500D Cordura construction
  • Holds 4x M4/AR-15 mags, 2x VSR-10/Pistol mags

If you like to skirmish with a lightweight loadout this chest rig is all you need! The 8Fields Tactical Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig; 500D Cordura Version can be used as a stand-alone chest rig with the included shoulder harness or mounted directly to a buckle up plate carrier when you need more protection. 

The chest rig has 4 M4/AR-15 magazine pouches built in, as well as 2 smaller pouches sized to fit pistol and VSR-10 sniper rifle magazines and a pair of utility pouches on the flanks. This rig is the 8Fields Premium version, featuring 500 denier Cordura construction for reduced weight, improved water resistance and rip resistance when compared to the original 1000D Nylon version. If you are a sniper or DMR user or you simply appreciate a rig with everything built in and the option to mount it to a plate carrier, the 8Fields Tactical Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig will suit you well!

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The 8Fields Tactical Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig; 500D Cordura Version is the perfect rig for a sniper or DMR user who likes to stay light on their feet. This rig is part of the 8Fields Premium range, featuring 500D Cordura construction and can be used as a stand-alone chest rig with the included harness or mounted to the front of a buckle up plate carrier for heavier duties.

Cordura is the military standard fabric and is used in a wide range of real steel combat gear as well as civilian applications which require high strength. The benefit of this chest rig over the 1000D Polyester version is that it has reduced stitch density which results in reduced weight, but still maintains strength and water resistance thanks to its use of Cordura branded fabric.

The Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig has 4 M4/AR-15 magazine pouches built into the rear section and a pair of pistol/VSR-10 mag pouches on the front, all of which are secured with removable bungee cord retainers with glove-friendly extensions. The M4/AR-15 mag pouches sit flat when not in use, avoiding excess bulk if you are running just a sniper rifle and a sidearm. 

On each flank, we are treated to a utility pouch; a large one on the right side and a smaller one on the left, both of which have velcro front panels for morale patches and close via glove-friendly zips. The utility pouches are a great place to store small skirmish supplies such as chem lights, speed loaders and valuables you would rather keep with you than leave in the safe zone. 

To mount the rig to a buckle up plate carrier all you need to do is remove the harness via the 6 buckles on the top and sides, remove the velcro backer, connect the two top buckles and slap it onto the velcro on the front of your buckle up plate carrier. Having the option to run the rig alone or with your plate carrier means when you need more protection you can keep the same pouch configuration for more intuitive use and ditch the carrier again quickly and easily if you want to move faster and play more aggressively. 

The harness itself has a velcro section on the rear, perfectly positioned to mount I.D or morale patches, and comms/hydration router loops on the shoulders so those who run a hydration bladder or radio setup can keep their rig nice and neat. The shoulders also feature polymer D-rings which can be used to hang items you may quickly need to grab in-game but can also be used to attach I.D marker lights when playing in low light or a single-point sling for a lightweight primary. 

If you want a rig which is simple yet versatile, equally suited to a lightweight AR/pistol loadout as it is to a sniper, the 8Fields Tactical Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig; 500D Cordura Version is stronger than before thanks to its use of official branded Cordura and as versatile as ever thanks to its buckle up compatibility!


  • 8Fields Premium - 500D Cordura construction
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps - Maximum waist size: 46 inches
  • Buckle up chest rig - Use it as a stand-alone chest rig or mount it to a buckle up plate carrier
  • 4x M4/AR-15 and 2x VSR-10/pistol magazine pouches built-in - Removable Bungee retainers hold the mags securely
  • 1x Small utility pouch and 1x Large utility pouch - Great for speed loaders, maps, chem lights etc
  • Glove-friendly zips on the utility pouches - Easy access with or without gloves
  • Velcro-sealed map pocket in the rear - Store your paperwork in the water-resistant rear panel
  • Velcro panels on the front of the utility pouches and on the harness - Add morale patches to make your team smile!
  • Elastic loops for comms cable or hydration tube routing on the harness - Keeps everything neat

Package Includes

  • 8Fields Tactical Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig; 500D Cordura Version



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Tactical Vest
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Over 18

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.497kg


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Item Colour
Olive Green
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Patrol Base | Multicam Black
Multicam Black
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Multicam Tropic
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500D Cordura with Velcro, bungee cord retainers and polymer buckles
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  • Velcro
  • Polymer
  • Bungee
  • Cordura 500D

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