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G&G Pre Two-Tone AEGs - Beginner AEGs ready for immediate dispatch

G&G Pre Two-Tone AEGs  - Available for Next Day Delivery!

G&G AEGs have been considered a staple of Airsoft skirmishing for many years, and the vast majority of Airsofters began their adventure with a G&G AEG in their hands. There's a reason they are used as rental AEGs at sites across the country, and that is their solid, dependable and basically unbreakable internals, which when treated right will last many years. 

The perks of a pre two-tone AEG are clear, especially if you want to get out there and skirmish straight away! There is no need to wait for the painting and curing process, and as such, you can have your new AEG dispatched immediately. The pre two-tone finish is applied during the casting process for the parts by dying the polymer itself, meaning no matter how well used your AEG eventually becomes it will never look tatty with paint flaking off. 

The G&G CM16 Raider-S AEG


The CM16 Raider-S is a M4/AR15 style AEG with a 20mm Picatinny railed handguard and receiver, making it ready for any accessories you need to complete your mission. The Raider-S has a 10.5-inch outer barrel, giving it a short overall length which is perfectly suited to both CQB and outdoors skirmishes. The Raider-S is wired to the rear, and uses the ever common mini-Tamiya battery connector and the "crane" sliding stock, providing a battery compartment with easy fitment and a decent internal volume. The Raider-S sports G&G's rock-solid CM16 metal gearbox, with steel gears and a gear adjustable HOP-up unit to allow you to tune the Raider-S for your ammo weight of choice. 

The Raider-S feeds from standard M4/AR15 AEG magazines, meaning mags are super easy to find, and you have all the options when it comes to style and capacity. The Raider-S comes with a 300 BB high-capacity magazine included which is more than enough for most skirmishes and will only need loading between games. If you prefer, the Raider-S can also be loaded with medium capacity magazines if you want to avoid the notorious "battle rattle"!


The CM16 Raider-S is a great gun for those who love the run and gun play style outdoors and is rock solid and dependable G&G internals mean it will last a lifetime. The CQBR style design makes this AEG well suited to a player who likes realistic configurations and is equipped to take any 20mm Picatinny accessory, including red dot sights, PEQ lasers, tactical flashlights and foregrips straight out of the box. If you plan on doing a mix of outdoor and indoor skirmishes, the Raider-S would be well suited to the task and is able to compete on any Airsoft battlefield. 

The G&G Firehawk M4 Stubby AEG


If you are more of a CQB player and enjoy dominating the enemy up close, the Firehawk would suit you well with its compact size, impressive rate of fire and sound amplifying muzzle device to intimidate the enemy as you clear rooms. The Firehawk is also an M4/AR15 style AEG, sporting compatibility with any M4 AEG magazine which are cheap and ever available in one form or another. The Firehawk uses a compact front end with 20mm Picatinny rails at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions, giving you all the options when it comes to adding accessories, even on this compact Airsoft AEG


Where the Firehawk really shines is in close quarters, thanks to its super compact form there is no chance it will inhibit your movement in the confines of a CQB site. The Firehawk also packs an audible punch thanks to its sound amplifying muzzle device, which when combined with the impressive fire rate can make facing off with a Firehawk user an intimidating prospect. 

Like the Raider-S, the Firehawk also feeds from super common M4/AR15 magazines, and can even take a drum magazine if you are feeling really nasty! This can be very useful in game as you can share magazines with M4/AR15 using teammates, and if you need to buy more magazines you will have plenty of options to choose from. 


The Firehawk is available in both Pre Two-Tone Green and Pre Two-Tone Blue, meaning you can pick your favourite and benefit from no peeling paint or finish wear from bumps or scraped, thanks to its dyed high density polymer construction, The Firehawk also uses the well equipped G&G CM16 gearbox and gear adjustable HOP-up, meaning when it comes to outdoor play you won't find yourself at a disadvantage as long as you play aggressively! The key to using a compact AEG like the Firehawk is to be where the enemy won't expect you, to move faster than they can counter, and to take the initiative to control the battlefield, forcing the enemy team to react to you or get sent back to respawn!

G&G Combat Machine ARP9 AEG

The G&G ARP9 has taken the Airsoft CQB world by storm; following in the footsteps of the awesome G&G Firehawk, but in a new 9mm format with G&G's programmable ETU and an ultra-compact GOS V5 PDW stock. If you are looking for something a bit more feature packed than most beginner AEGs, the ARP9 is a great choice. 


At the front end of the ARP9, we can find G&G's latest sound amplifier, a sleek M-LOK rail system, and a short outer barrel for improved handling in close quarters and to aid the aggressive "run and gun" playstyle. If you prefer to sneak around, or you want a tracer unit for CQB intimidation then you'll be happy to learn that beneath the sound amp we have 14mm CCW male threads, meaning you can mount any flash hider, tracer or suppressor which uses the same thread size and pitch. The ARP9 is styled after super modern "Pistol Caliber Carbines" which are becoming popular amongst civilian shooters in the US, and sports familiar M4/AR15 style controls with a more dynamic and compact look. 


On the inside, the ARP9 is a step above a normal beginner AEG, offering a pre-installed MOSFET and electronic trigger unit, allowing you to program the fire controls for burst modes of varying duration. You don't need anything else to do this, as all the programming is carried out using the controls on the AEG itself. 

The ARP9 also sports the more modern Rotary adjustable HOP-up unit, which allows for finer increments of adjustment and holds its setting for longer under the vibrations of heavy use. What's even more impressive is that the ARP9 is ready to take an 11.1V LiPo battery straight out of the box, which is rare to see and means the ARP9 outdoes almost anything else on the field in rate of fire, making it an asset for a fast moving skirmisher and practically a pocket Support gun! 

The ARP9 feeds from its own style of magazines which are based on the 9mm Glock style magazine and boasts a resectable capacity whilst being more compact than M4 magazines in width, but slightly longer. ARP9 magazines are available in low-capacity, high-capacity, realistic low-cap with dummy cartridges and even a mighty drum magazine, which truly scares us!

If you are new to the sport, it can be a lot to take in and you might find yourself being tempted to "bite off more than you can chew", so to speak. The G&G CM16 pre two-tones are ideally spec'd for new players, providing low overall weight together with rock solid and scratch resistant polymer construction, superb internals with a focus on reliability and long term durability. 

It can be tempting to overcomplicate things with your first Airsoft gun, as there are so many feature-packed options on the market which can be tempting to start out with. In our opinion, your first AEG should be tasked with getting you familiar with the sport and providing a baseline from which you can, with experience, decide which direction you would like to take your game in, which will inform your future buying choices. 

Many of us here have made expensive mistakes when choosing our first gun, and we don't want you to end up in the same spot! Our advice is to go for something like these for your first AEG, and think about the world of full metal MOSFET equipped AEGs down the line should you decide to make Airsoft your passion!