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  • Pick & Pluck Foam
  • Third Party Certified
  • IP67 Water / Dustproof

This Hard Case is manufactured from seriously tough but lightweight Polypropylene (PP) + Glass Fibre material, and has deep dimensions but a modular design that allows you to stack multiple cases together. Tested by a third party quality-assurance Company, these cases are rated to prevent the ingress of Water and Dust, protect against hard Impacts and Extreme Temperatures.

  • Water / Dustproof Seal
  • Rated for Extreme Temps.
  • Integrated Wheels & Handle

The Greyhound Travel Hard Case is a moderately sized and deep Hard Case that comes supplied with several layers of Pick and Pluck Foam inside, allowing you to customise the Case to perfectly fit your valuables inside. Whether its' Airsoft, Camera, Drone equipment or more, the Greyhound Travel Hard Case can get it to where you need to be with absolute protection from the elements.

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  • IP67 Waterproof
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Chemical/Fungus Resistant

This is an insanely tough yet lightweight Hard Case with massive dimensions and a hinged lid, that also includes an IP67 rated Water and Dustproof seal. This, coupled with the strong one-piece construction and structural design of the case makes them extremely good at stacking together and withstanding impacts. Not only this, but it will protect against most chemicals, solvents and even fungus.

Shop Hard Cases for Camera and Equipment

Looking for a way to safely and securely store your expensive camera equipment? Choose hard camera cases from Patrol Base and benefit from durable portable storage that keeps your valuables safe - offered by a company that specialises in hardwearing airsoft gun equipment.

If you've spent lots of money on cameras, lenses and other bits of photography equipment you're going to want to get yourself a hard camera case which will stand up to all the rigours and bumps of all the transport between shoots. We offer a wide range of extremely durable, IP-Rated, waterproof, and dust-proof cases designed to carry the most precious and sensitive pieces of photography equipment. 

Plus if you're shooting photos or videos of airsoft events, camera equipment cases which can withstand bumps, scrapes and stray BB shots are invaluable. 

Our hard camera cases are shipped directly from our UK warehouse, and you can opt for next day delivery at checkout to get your order even sooner. So what are you waiting for? Shop online today.