5KU Lightweight Russian AK B10 Style Handguard

Code: 5KU-273-BK-C
  • B10 Style Handguard
  • For AK74 / AKM / AK103
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic

    A B10 Style tactical lower AK handguard, designed to allow you to expand the versatility and modularity of your Airsoft AK by providing a 20mm lower and side rail for the addition of Foregrips and Laser / Light modules and any other accessories to suit your playstyle.

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    Constructed from CNC'd aluminium, the handguard is super lightweight and easy to install. It's fitted with a multitude of weight-saving cutaways and spacings, making for an ergo-increasing must-have for your AK.

    The B10 style lower handguard features a lower 20mm rail for the addition of foregrips, lasers, torches and or underslung devices, as well as a 20mm short side rail should you wish to stick a small laser pointer or PEQ on the side, or even a sling mount if you like.

    The handguard also comes with a separate attachable rear brace for fitting into different AK platforms, as some AK's will have a cutaway under the gas block for the handguard to slot into, and some may be flat, so you have the option to attach the handguard to either.


    • B10 Style
    • For AK Platforms
      • AK103
      • AKM
      • AK74
      • AK74-M
      • AK-105
      • AK-104
      • AK-102
    • 20mm Rails Top
    • 20mm Rail Side

    Package Includes

    • Lightweight Russian AK Handguard
    • Spacers
    • U-Brace



    Parts & Accessories Type
    External Parts
    External Part Type
    Package Includes


    Colour Wheel Greyscale
    Item Colour

    Weight and Dimension

    Product Height
    Approx. 4cm
    Product Length
    Approx. 16cm
    Product Width
    Approx. 3.7cm
    Weight KG Icon
    Weight (KG)
    Approx. 0.118kg

    Part Specific

    Rail System Icon
    Rail System
    20mm RIS / RAS
    Weapon Platform
    AK74, AKM,