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  • 54rnd Capacity
  • Clamp Together
  • Bullet Sticker Inserts

This 54rnd magazine is designed for AR36 platform Airsoft Electric Guns, and comes included with a set of Bullet Stickers to install behind the semi-transparent plastic, to make your replica look as realistic as possible. Not only this, but multiple magazines can be clamped together for lightning-fast reloads and easier magazine management. A Speedloader is required to fill; the magazine will feed until empty, without any annoying rattle sound.

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Translucent polymer construction
  • For AR36 AEG Assault Rifle series

If you need AR36 AEG mags, these should do the trick! The CYMA 150rnd Mid-Cap Magazine for AR36/SL8 AEG fits both AR36 and SL8/9 platform AEGs and is constructed from a translucent brown polymer, just like the real thing. Each magazine holds 150 BBs and can be loaded from the top using an Airsoft speed loader or loading tool.

The external design of the magazine matches that of the real rifle, including a reinforcement rib on the front and an over-insertion preventing ledge, meaning even if you slap this magazine home quite hard, it won't damage your HOP-up unit. On each side of each mag, there are magazine linking lugs which can be used to connect two or more mags together, allowing for faster reloads "redi-mag" style and keeping a second magazine handy and allowing you to get back in the fight without having to fumble with pouches.

  • 30rnd or 125rnd
  • Selectable Capacity
  • Mags Can Link Together

A spare magazine for AR36 Airsoft Guns, which has the option of either a standard 125rnd capacity, or a realistic 30rnd capacity by flicking a switch.

  • PTS Enhanced Polymer
  • Compatible with TM, JG, Classic Army & more
  • Reliable feeding

The PTS EPM-G Magazine is designed for use in airsoft AR36 replica's & is compatible with Tokyo Marui, Jing Gong, Classic Army, SRC, Umarex, Echo1 & other AR36 platforms alike. 

  • Mag Clamp System
  • For G&G G36 AEGs
  • 400rnd Capacity

A  Full polymer constructed High Cap Magazine for the G&G branded G36 series AEGs. Perfect for those who want to spends more time shooting rather than reloading. 

  • 1200rnd Capacity
  • Autowinding drum magazine
  • For Airsoft AR36 AEG series rifles

Ever heard of the MG36? Potentially not, as this support weapon version of the AR36 never made it past the prototype stage, though the elite German KSK has been sighted running a similar setup in the early 2000s in Afghanistan. The NUPROL 1200rnd Electric drum magazine allows you to add some serious MG36 like firepower to your AR36 platform AEG, and transform it to provide supporting fire for the team. This drum magazine is constructed from high-density polymer with a modern design aesthetic, fitting in perfectly with the all polymer, highly modern AR36 platform. This magazine is an autowinding design which requires 3x AAA batteries to operate. 

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We offer specialised rifle mags for some of the top assault rifles on the market, including Steyr AUG magazines and more. As well as having a consistent and reliable feed, all of our rifle magazines are made from robust, durable materials with textured surfaces for a secure grip and swift reload. 

Plus, for trigger-happy folk or anyone that hates reloading their gun mid-game, our airsoft rifle drum mags are ideal. Offering up to 3000rnds, shop AK drum mags, AR drum mags, M4 drum mags and more. Most of them offer auto winding too, making the job even easier. 

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