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  • Tough and Durable Build
  • IP67 Water / Dustproof
  • Ideal for Shotguns & Rifles

The Beluga Waterproof Hard Case is an awesome and cost-effective solution to transporting your Rifles and Shotguns from A to B with complete protection from the elements. Be it Water or Dust, Extreme Temperature, Impacts or changes in Pressure, the Beluga Hard Case has an answer for everything.

  • Hard Case
  • Foam Filled
  • Can Be Padlocked

A hard carry case designed for any assault rifle sized replica Airsoft gun, but will suit a wide range of firearms from Airsoft,  Air rifles and real firearms. 

  • Cubic Foam Filled
  • Can Be Padlocked
  • Wheeled Hard Case

A hard carry case designed for any AR sized RIF but will suit a wide range of firearms from Airsoft to Air rifle and real steal. It's internal space for weapons Measures at 101cm length by 33cm height and 9cm depth. 

  • Two Wheels
  • Three Carry Handles
  • Extra Large Rifle Case

A highly durable heavy duty hard case designed to protect your tactical equipment from damage during transport or storage. Designed specifically to hold M4 / AR rifles this case can hold a large rifle, magazines and a pistol, or up to two compact CQB AR. This case has a wide variety of safety features made to ensure that your most prizes possessions stay safe even during the toughest conditions, including Pick & Pluck Foam, Water/Dustproof Rubber Seal and Impact/Crush/Extreme Temperature resistance.

  • Pick & Pluck Foam
  • Third Party Certified
  • IP67 Water / Dustproof

This tough Hard Case is designed for longer items like Rifles and Shotguns, but can be put to any use thanks to the Pick and Pluck Foam inside, which is made to be cut to shape and perfectly protect your items by offering them the perfect slot to sit in. The Polypropylene (PP) and Glass Fibre mix used for construction makes it resistant to crushing, impacts and even extreme temperatures from -40°C to 90°C, but is still lightweight enough to easily carry (or wheel) around with you.

  • Pick & Pluck Foam
  • Third Party Certified
  • IP67 Water / Dustproof

The Honey Badger Waterproof Hard Case is a seriously tough constructed Case with an IP67 Water and Dustproof Rating, that is ready to safely transport any kind of Airsoft Replica, Air Rifle, Shotgun, Rimfire or Centerfire Rifle. It has a thick layer of Pick and Pluck Foam so that the Case be perfectly customised to fit the contents, and is constructed (and rated) to be resistant to Impacts and Extreme Temperatures, and also has a Pressure relief valve that doesn't compromise the Waterproof seal inside.

Was £229.99
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  • Gigantic Hard Case
  • Wheels & Travel Handle
  • Water / Crush / Impact Proof

The Glyptodon Hard Case is an absolutely massive storage and transport solution for those who need to move or store delicate and sensitive equipment, such as Camera Lenses and Drones. The Case offers full protection against the ingress of Water and Dust, thanks to a Rubber Seal, which was tested and certified by Intertek to be effective at 1m submersion for 30 minutes. The tough Polypropylene (PP) + Glass Fibre material and awesome design makes it Crush and Impact protected, and a set of Wheels & Handles makes it incredibly easy to move around.

Was £239.99
Save £48.00
  • IP67 Dust/Waterproof
  • One Piece Construction
  • Chemical / Fungus Resistant

The Cephalopod ROTA Hard Case is a Heavy Duty Hard Case for storing items that need to be well protected from both impacts and the environment. The Case features a solid One-Piece design and is slated to have excellent load-bearing properties. Thick corners and ribbed section give the Case superior strength, and an IP67 Waterproof Seal keeps the contents safe and dry from even chemicals and fungus. Given the generous sizing of the Case, this is the ultimate storage and transport solution for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Was £249.99
Save £50.00
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Fungus/Chemical Proof
  • For Sensitive Equipment

A lightweight but incredibly tough Hard Case that is designed for the transport or storage of sensitive equipment, with an IP67 Waterproof rating and Chemical/Fungus Resistance to name a few. A moulded design with uniform thickness and thick ribs/corners makes for an extremely tough and safe Hard Case that is up to the task of protecting whatever is inside. Whether it's telecommunications, avionics or deployable weapon systems, the ROTA Hard Case series provided maximum protection.

Was £319.99
Save £64.00
  • Polyethylene Armour
  • IP67 Water/Dustproof
  • Chemical/Fungus Proof

The No. 33276 Tardigrade ROTA Hard Case is named after the toughest animal on Planet Earth... and for good reason! It is a Polyethylene constructed Hard Case for the transport or storage of sensitive electronic and medical equipment. With Fungal and Chemical Protection, you can be sure your perishables are safe, and an IP67 Water/Dustproof Rating keep the Case safe from the ingress of unwanted material. A rock-solid construction with uniform wall thickness makes the Case extremely tough, and will provide ultimate protection to whatever you need to keep safe.

  • Massive Hard Case
  • Wheels & Travel Handle
  • Water / Crush / Impact Proof

This ludicrously big Hard Case is the ultimate Travel Accessory for Hobbyists and Professionals who need to transport sensitive or delicate equipment such as Cameras and Drones. With several layers of thick Pick & Pluck Foam, you can cut the foam to perfectly match the contents, ensuring that they can't move in transit. A Rubber Seal around the edge of the case will keep Water and Dust out (even when submerged at 1m for 30 minutes), and a tough Polypropylene (PP) + Glass Fibre construction makes the Case Crush and Impact resistant. The Daeodon Case even has integrated Wheels and a Luggage Handle for easy manoeuvring.

  • Padded Foam
  • Choice of Size
  • Sliding Catches

A lightweight and tough protective carry case from NUPROL, which features PnP ( Pick & Pluck ) foam internals as well as sliding catches and padlock loops.

  • Bear Resistant
  • Fresh For 7 Days
  • 2 Day Ice Retention

A substantially sized and highly effective Cooler Box that is large enough for all occasions, but easy to carry thanks to the tough but lightweight Polypropylene, and integrated Folding Carry Handles. Whether you're Camping, Hiking or Catering, the Cooler provides up to seven days of freshness for your food/perishables, and can retain ice for up to two whole days! A strong Rubber Seal around the lid helps regulate the internal temperature, and also provides 'Bear Resistance', by stopping the waft of your luncheon from making its way to the nearest pack of bears.

  • Gigantic Hard Case
  • Wheels & Travel Handle
  • Water / Crush / Impact Proof

If you're looking for an absolutely huge Hard Case that has Wheels and a Travel Handle, as well as being crammed with several layers of thick Pick and Pluck Foam then look no further. If you need to know that your equipment is safe from Water, Dust, Extreme Temperatures and Pressure changes, then there is no compromise over the PARRA Case series, the tough construction of which ensures long lasting performance and protection, as backup up by third party quality-assurance company, Intertek.

Was £349.99
Save £70.00
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Chemical/Fungus Resistant

This is an insanely tough yet lightweight Hard Case with massive dimensions and a hinged lid, that also includes an IP67 rated Water and Dustproof seal. This, coupled with the strong one-piece construction and structural design of the case makes them extremely good at stacking together and withstanding impacts. Not only this, but it will protect against most chemicals, solvents and even fungus.