Altberg LEDER-GRIS Original Wax MOD Brown Leather Grease

Code: 5575
  • Waterproof Wax
  • For Brown Leather
  • MOD Brown Boot Friendly

The only wax to use with new MOD and Alt-berg Brown boots! Any other polish will turn your boots brown. Original wax is a mix of 70% wax and 30% oil, developed for everyday use in average UK conditions. 

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Waterproof your boots as the wax dries adhering on or just below your boots surface. An excellent quality wax that will not damage your leather no matter how much you use or how often. Ideal for quick application, restoration and presevation of your MOD Brown leather.


  • 80g contents
  • Waterproofing wax for use in tough wet conditions
  • Medium oil content with resorative levels of leather oils
  • Medium wax content with a mixture including synthetic bees wax
  • Regular use will not result in over-softening or damage to leather if used excessively
  • Designed for new and old issue MOD Brown leather boots!
  • Using any other boot polish will turn your boots Orange! Stick with LEDGER-GRIS to keep your boots Brown and protected
  • Not tested on animals
  • Flammable
  • Keep out of reach of children – if swallowed, seek medical advice!
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth

Package Includes:

  • LEDER-GRIS Original Wax MOD Brown Leather Grease



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