APS Quantum Mechanics Quick Cocking G19/23 Holster

Product code: QMH-G19B
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Blocks Off Trigger
  • Allows Torches/Lasers

A multi-purpose holster designed for real G-Series G19 & G23 pistols, which allows you to cock the RIF before drawing it from the holster, dramatically reducing your time to target.

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This holster is designed for real-steel application but works for Airsoft G-Series pistols with some slight modification (to get the most out of it). Tokyo Marui branded G-Series will fit and work without modification, however WE/NUPROL pistols will require the short and simple modification mentioned in the special instructions below.

The Quantum Mechanics holsters are mainly aimed at Concealed Carry and IPSC (Competition) shooters who need a choice of 'carry conditions' for their holster. Carry conditions are what 'stage' of being loaded the firearm is in, from round in the chamber and safety off to no round in the chamber and uncocked. The holster also allows you to use it with torches/lasers attached which is uncommon with G-Series holsters.

The holster grabs onto the trigger guard and blocks off any use of the trigger, making it incredibly safe. When the spring loaded button is activated the entire pistol will rotate to the side by 45 degrees, releasing the trigger safety and allowing you to either draw the RIF straight away or push down on it to charge a BB into the chamber. If you're a competition shooter or pride yourself on your speedy draw, this holster is an excellent way to save precious seconds when drawing.

It is very flexible for mounting options, as it can be adjusted to any angle or height you like. It gives you a choice of setting the height of the RIF in the holster, and also the angle at which it is mounted, letting you draw it upside down, to the side or from a traditional angle.


  • For G-Series G17/G22 replicas
  • Requires modification for WE/NUPROL
  • Works fine for Tokyo Marui G-Series
  • Cock/charge RIF in holster
  • Tough Polymer construction
  • Fully adjustable for height/angle
  • Can be mounted sideways
  • Blocks trigger off
  • Very safe holster
  • Tradition holster draw or charge RIF on release
  • Rotates sideways on release
  • Spring loaded design
  • Belt mountable
  • Supplied with angle mount adapter
  • QR code user manual

Package Includes:

  • Quantum Mechanics Quick Cocking G19/23 Holster
  • Angled Mount Adapter
  • QR Code Manual

Special Instructions:

This holster is designed for vanilla G-Series pistols; we can't guarantee fit on any pistol with any non-standard features including the WET Force series with the race trigger, as the trigger is wider than standard and a little tighter to fit.

This holster is made for real firearms and requires modification to fit an Airsoft G-Series pistol. The hole that the barrel should push through is out of alignment, and needs to be opened up with a file/dremel/other cutting tool so that the barrel has sufficient space to pass through, letting you cock the weapon in its' holster. We are more than happy to help with the modification if you visit us in-store.

Before and after images below:

Quantum Mechanics Airsoft Holster Before

Quantum Mechanics Airsoft Holster After



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