Looking for the latest Guay Guay Products?

Here at Patrol Base Airsoft we offer a large selection of G&G Airsoft Guns, Weapons and Accessories. Ifyou are looking for an M4, AK, UMP or MP5 we are likely to have it in stock. For any assistance or expert advice please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on via our Contact Us Page.

G&G, also known as Guay Guay, offer an extensive range of products for Airsoft, and have been in business since 1986, creating brand new and exciting products for Skirmishers around the world. G&G's target is to be the best in Product Quality and Value, providing excellent production, with absolutely reliable designs.

They stand behind their own ethos, being the 'Top Five':

  • Future Innovation
  • Finest Quality
  • Fast Service
  • Free Items
  • Fair Price

G&G Currently have two ranges, their Plastic bodied Intermediate Ranges, designed for new and experienced players, as well as their Metal Bodied Advanced range, for experienced and professional level players.