EARMOR M32H Electronic Communication Headset For FAST Helmets

Code: M32H-TN-ARC
  • Comms headset with active noise cancelling
  • Mounts FAST helmets via ARC accessory rails
  • Protect your ears from bangs and keep in touch with your team!

If you are running a FAST helmet or another ARC rail equipped lid and you want all the advantages of an active noise cancelling communications headset with more comfort than ever before this headset is what you need! The EARMOR M32H Electronic Communication Headset For FAST Helmets is designed to mount to the ARC accessory rails on each side of FAST Bump, Ballistic and Maritime helmets, FAST replicas and other ARC rail equipped helmets, offering greater comfort and ease of removal compared to the standard EARMOR M32.

The headset provides all the same functions the original M32 does, including active noise cancellation which reduces the volume of sudden, loud bangs and increases the volume of environmental noises, and communications functionality when combined with the EARMOR M52 PTT and a radio. This means that you will be able to hear the whispers of the enemy team in the next room but if a grenade comes around the corner your ears will be well protected, subject to nothing more than a dull thud. Even if you don't run comms, active noise cancellation is the ideal counter to grenades in tight spaces!

Full description


The EARMOR M32 Headset has been one of our top pieces of kit for a while now, offering all the functionality of real steel comms headsets at a remarkable price point. The M32H variant is designed to mount to helmets, and this particular version is designed to fit the common FAST-style helmet used by many skirmishers via the ARC accessory rails on each side.

The headset mounts to ARC rail equipped helmets externally, which improves comfort considerably in comparison to the original M32 by allowing the ear cups to be rotated up and away from the ears without removing the helmet. Great if you have a few seconds to cool off before getting back to skirmishing and don't want to faff around getting geared up!

The controls for the M32H are located on the right side ear cup, with the central button being the "ON" button with volume controls on either side. The function of each button is indicated with raised markings, with a "-" for reducing volume and a "+" for increasing it. The "ON" button requires that it is held down for 3 seconds to power on and off, meaning if you accidentally tap the wrong button trying to adjust the volume your headset won't be turned off by mistake.

The battery compartment is inside each ear cup and is accessible by removing the battery plugs which are retained by a rubber strap so they don't go walkies in the field. Each compartment takes a single AAA cell, meaning spares are cheap and ever available.

If you want to keep your ears protected from bangs and BBs with the potential to add a few bits and communicate with your team over long distances, the M32H would be perfect for the job. This version is for ARC helmet rails commonly found on FAST and Airframe helmets. If you need this for a Team Wendy EXF style lid, click here!


  • Electronic Communications headset
  • Requires EARMOR M52 PTT and a Radio for comms use
  • Comfortable foam padding around ear cups - No crushed ears!
  • Battery: 2xAAA Cells (not included)
  • Mounts to ARC Accessory rails
  • Compatible with FAST Helmets / Airframe / Other Helmets with ARC rails

Package Includes

  • EARMOR M32H Electronic Communication Headset For FAST Helmets

Special Instructions

Earmor Headsets are designed as active noise protection and are not guaranteed to survive being hit by Airsoft ammunition. Many of us use Earmor Headsets for Airsoft and we are confident they will perform within their design parameters but they are not invulnerable to damage from in-skirmish hits. Please consider this carefully before wearing your Earmor Headset for Airsoft skirmishing.

EARMOR headsets require the EARMOR M52 PTT to be used for communications and will not work with any other brand or model of PTT.



Tactical Equipment Type
Radio Accessory
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.409kg


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Item Colour
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Polymer ear cups with foam padding, steel mounting arms with polymer helmet mounts.
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  • Polymer
  • Steel
  • Foam

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One Size Fits All