Kombat.UK Tactical Mesh Scarf

Code: tscarfbtpblk
  • Double Sided
  • Lightweight Mesh
  • Light Light Concealment

    A lightweight mesh material scarf which is excellent at breaking up profile in low-light environments and can decrease the sting of Airsoft hits. 

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    It can be worn around the head or neck, put in to service as a rifle/scope wrap or just used to compliment your loadout. The only limit is your imagination. The scarf is made of a thin, mesh material which means the user can see through it if used as a veil, but it is still highly effective at concealing your face/neck/rifle which would otherwise give your position away in the dark.


    • Ultra lightweight
    • 150cm x 50cm in Size
    • Camouflaged on both sides
    • Can be worn around the neck or head
    • Can be seen through but still acts as concealment
    • Can be used to break up your profile in low-light environments

    Package Includes:

    • Tactical Mesh Scarf



    Colour Wheel Greyscale
    Item Colour
    Patrol Base - Kombat UK - BTP British Terrain Pattern Black
    Kombat.UK BTP Black
    One Size Fits All


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