HALO MILL CQB Arena Reopening Confirmed: 25/10/2023

HALO MILL CQB Arena Reopening Confirmed: 25/10/2023

A lot has changed at HALO MILL since the refurbishment; we now have a lot more space and light, encouraging more movement and a more fluid style of play. The layout has changed and will change regularly in the future to keep things fresh and interesting every time you attend. 

The new HALO MILL will run similarly to how it used to, but with some slick new technology to make filling out waivers and signing in far easier and quicker. No more spending the first 20 minutes of your skirmishing adventure doing paperwork!

The first skirmish after reopening will be a 4-hour evening session on 25/10/2023. If you want to book yourself on, head to the HALO MILL website!

4-hour evening skirmish sessions will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week, running from 18:00-22:00.  Doors open at 17:30.

On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a morning and an evening session and you can book both for a green fee discount. Morning sessions run from 9:30-13:00 and the evening session runs from 13:00-17:00

Existing members will be carried over to the new membership system, and membership will be open to anyone who attends a HALO MILL skirmish. Membership allows you to buy RIFs at Patrol Base, get UKARA membership once you have attended 3 HALO MILL skirmishes in over 56 days and get a discount on green fees at HALO MILL and HALO MILL: Proving Grounds!

If you book your place within the first week of opening you will be given a raffle ticket on attendance that gives you entry into an exciting Airsoft giveaway! 

With the first week now behind us, the winner of the SA-E09 EDGE AEG will be announced soon. Good luck to all who entered!

Airsoft Rental Package

HALO MILL will also offer rental packages for those who don't own their own kit yet. The rental fee includes the standard walk-on green fee and hire of a rental package which includes the following: 

  • M4/AR-15 AEG or AK AEG
  • 1 x High Capacity Magazine
  • 1000 x Tracer BBs
  • Tracer Unit
  • Full Face Mask

Site Rules - Click to Read!

General Rules:

  • All Airsoft RIF/IF must be concealed appropriately (in a gun bag, hard case or otherwise fully covered) when you arrive. Staff may refuse entry if you do not have all replicas hidden from public view. 
  • No physical contact with the exception of Melee Kills (see below for more info)
  • The safety brief must be listened to attentively by all players.
  • Treat our staff and other players with respect. If you have a concern about another player's conduct, inform a marshall and they will take care of it. 
  • Eye protection is mandatory to play. A limited number of spare face masks will be available for those who do not have suitable eye protection but this is not guaranteed unless you have booked the rental package. 

FPS: 1.14 Joules / 350 FPS on 0.2g BBs hard limit for all platforms. Chronograph testing will be carried out with the BB weight the player is using and muzzle energy will be calculated. 

BB Weight: Maximum Weight: 0.28g. Minimum Weight: 0.2g. 

Fire modes: Semi-auto only across the site. Single shot Sniper rifles and shotguns are allowed (subject to joule limit). Binary trigger and burst mode are not allowed. TM system gas/HPA shotguns (M870, KSG etc) must be set to 3 shot only, 6 shot is not allowed. 

MOSCARTs: Green gas-powered MOSCARTs are allowed using a payload of BBs. No funky projectiles, TAG rounds or CO2 MOSCARTs are allowed on site. 

Protective Equipment: Full face protection is recommended for all players and is mandatory for under 18s. Full seal eye protection is mandatory for all players (full seal means a tight fit to the face with no significant gaps). EN 166 F Rated eye protection is mandatory but steel mesh eye protection is allowed subject to staff inspection (wire mesh will not be allowed). 

Eye protection must be worn in the arena at all times and can only be removed in the safe zone. Magazines must be removed before entering the safe zone and guns must be cleared. 

Hand Grenades: BFG and reusable gas grenades are allowed but are limited to underarm throws and the thrower must be able to see the point of impact. Blanks are limited to .209 and 9mm, 12 gauge blanks are not allowed. Thunder B and similar CO2 grenades are not allowed. Conventional pyrotechnic grenades including smoke grenades are not allowed for fire safety reasons. 

Flashlights and Lasers: Red lasers and I.R lasers are allowed, as are tactical flashlights. Green and blue lasers are not allowed as these are not considered eye-safe. Flashlights with stroboscopic mode are limited to standard lighting (momentary/constant) and the strobe mode must not be used. 

Melee Kills: Anyone can kill another player with a melee kill. Melee kills are carried out with a tap to the shoulder (or above the waist if the shoulder cannot be reached) with the hand. Other physical contact is not allowed. 

If you are killed by another player with a melee kill you cannot shout hit, you must simply raise your hand and return to regen/wait for a medic, depending on the scenario. 

We hope you are all excited for the return of HALO MILL and are ready for some fast-paced CQB action! If you are ready to book your place, click the button below!

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