What is an Airsoft Lens Protector?

What is an Airsoft Lens Protector?

Ever wondered what happens if your Airsoft sight gets shot by a bb? Long story short, if you're unlucky then the front lens is going to be smashed, and if that happens, its good bye sight!

Airsoft lens and Airsoft Sight protectors usually can be picked up readily for very little money; a small price to pay when you consider the price of some sights and scopes nowadays! Not only will it be annoying if your new sight or scope immediately gets broken when you play with it for the first time (Trust us, we've seen it happen too many times), you'll be stuck with the price of buying a new one!

If you want to save yourself some money in the long run then dropping a little bit of cash on a sight protector can go a long way, so below are our picks for the best Airsoft lens protectors you can get for your money.

Rail Mounted Lens Protectors

Rail mounted Airsoft Lens Protectors are designed to attach to the rails on the top of your gun, so you can quickly and easily attach them in front of your sight to protect it from incoming BBs. These are the easiest way of protecting your sight, and you should a set up immediately if you haven't already!

Here's a pro tip as well: When you fit it make sure it folds towards your sight. You'd expect to fit it so it folds flat against your rail, and though that is the purpose, you can save your self some money by fitting it the wrong way around. If you fit it so it folds back towards your sight when it takes a BB it'll push the Perspex cover towards your sight, and the flex will take some of the power out of the shot preventing it from cracking! You usually get a spare in the box, but why not make them last as long as possible?

NUPROL Mount Lens Protection for 20mm RIS

Nuprol Lens Protector

The Lens Protectors are constructed from perspex, with an Alloy 20mm RIS / RAS Rail Mount Base, the most common rail type on Airsoft guns on the market.

The package comes with the lower mount, a pre-fitted transparent protector along with as a yellow-tinted protector for low light environments.

The curved shape of the NUPROL Lens protector should fit nicely with the majority of cylindrical scopes and red dot sights, but some holographic-style sights may require a squared protector. 

Patrol Base Lens Protector For 20mm Rail

ASG Lens Protector

This lens protector is a must-have product for any Airsoft Skirmisher who intends to play in a CQB environment, protecting your sights and scopes from being shot out by stray BB.

This lens protector comes with two protective screens. One is pre-fitted, with a spare in the box. The pre-installed cover is transparent to give the clearest picture possible through your sight and the spare is yellow-tinted for light enhancement properties. 

If you've got an Airsoft rifle, such as an M4/AR-15, AR36, or similar with a long top rail then this is the perfect pick for you. As long as you've got the spare space to fit one of these protectors you should be doing it. Spend a little money now rather than having to spend time explaining why you're spending more money on a new Airsoft sight to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend!

Scope Fitted Protectors

Scope fitted protectors are screwed directly onto the ends of threaded telescopic sights and scopes. If your scope has threads on the outside then these are a more viable option than the 20mm rail sight protectors

Because these types of protectors are screwed directly onto your scope they look more realistic, and lower profile.

These types of protectors typically come in a honeycomb style to mimic kill flash protectors from real sights and scopes, a mesh pattern designed to reduce reflection from the sun which would give your position away. This works with Airsoft, but at the ranges you're typically sniping from it's not going to be a huge problem!

Aim-O Anti-Reflection Lens Cover for 50mm Riflescope

Aim-O 50mm Lens Cover

Designed for sights and scopes with an objective lens diameter of 50mm.

This protector is also great for use while transporting your rifles to protect your optics from being smashed by any loose accessories or tools within the same compartment.

Aim-O Anti-Reflection Scope 40mm Honeycomb Lens Cover

Aim-O  40mm Lens Cover

Designed for sights and scopes with an objective lens diameter of 40mm.

An affordable unit that can be attached in seconds by screwing it into place via the front threads found on most scopes.

If you've got a large sniper sight or scope and you can't fit a 20mm mounted lens protector then this is the best option to go for! Plus they look super cool.

Holographic Lens Protectors

Designed to slide in-between the top of the sight and the protective top cover, although they are a pain to remove, they're very easy to fit, and just simply push into place.

These types of sight protectors come in different variants, with both kill-flash and transparent options available. We'd probably go for the transparent option to allow you to see through the sight as usual, but if you play in CQB where its dark anyway then two-eyed shooting with the kill flash may be a more viable option.

ACM EOTech Kill Flash Mesh Lens Protector

ACM Kill Flash

The lens protector is made from an Alloy Mesh, allowing you to still see through the sight. 

Due to the nature of the Mesh Cover the Lens Protector also reduces the amount of light reflected by the sight whilst advancing into bright light, helping to reduce the chance of you being spotted whilst concealed.

Aim-O Anti-Reflection Scope 40mm Honeycomb Lens Cover

Aim-O Reflection Scope

A transparent Polymer lens protector designed for EOTech Style Sights, protecting your Sight from BBs and other projectiles designed as a first defence, protecting your lens. 

Cheap and easy to replace, a better option than damaging your expensive holographic sight!

So there you have it, there are our picks for the best sight and scope lens protectors you can get to ensure you keep your Airsoft Scopes protected during gameplay!

Certainly a cheaper alternative than having to replace a damaged scope!

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