Our First Look at the ASG H-15!

Our First Look at the ASG H-15!

Introducing the ASG H-15

Airsoft Skirmisher with ASG H-15 Carbine ASG

imageAll of the AEGs of the H-15 series will feed from standard M4/AR-15 AEG magazines, meaning spares are plentiful and if you already own an M4, you probably have loads of them. Good news for those keeping an eye on cost!

The promised bolt lock function has unfortunately been omitted from the H-15 formula in order to allow for compatibility with standard AEG magazines. This is a real shame, but the advantages of using standard M4 AEG mags are so great that this compromise was worth it.

imageAt the front of the platform, we are treated to a uniquely designed ASG handguard, known as the M-Rail.

The M-Rail is constructed from CNC-machined aluminium and integrates seamlessly with the receiver rail.

With plenty of M-LOK negative space attachment slots at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, enough room inside for an integral tracer or suppressor and comfortable gripping texture on the lower offset angles, the M-Rail is at the cutting edge of handguard design and also looks fantastic with its dynamic angled front end.

imageAcross the H-15 range, ASG has opted to install the PTS Syndicate EPG-C pistol grip to give you a head start when it comes to ergonomics.

PTS are absolute masters when it comes to enhanced M4/AR-15 furniture and the inclusion of a PTS pistol grip makes the H-15 very comfortable to handle and is great value for money.

With comfortable dot texture on either side and a refined grip angle, the EPG-C is the ideal pistol grip for modern shooting doctrine.

imageThe stock is a real steel HERA Arms CCS, manufactured in Germany by HERA Arms.

Being a real steel stock, there can be no doubt as to the quality of the CSS, being rated for the recoil of real cartridges and featuring on the real steel HERA Arms SP16.

The CCS stock features a low-profile adjustment lever, QD sling sockets on either side together with conventional sling slots and a compact rubber butt plate; ideal for use with body armour but comfortable no matter what you wear!

imageThe trigger is provided by Retro Arms and is CNC machined from Aluminium for a flawless form and precise details.

Adding yet another pre-upgraded part resulting in a gorgeous external aesthetic, the H-15 is dressed to impress!

The external design of the Retro Arms trigger is a perfect match for the H-15, blending well with the ultra-modern visual language across the rest of the replica.

We also have a rough outline of what we can expect inside the H-15. The H-15 is fitted with an electronic trigger unit/MOSFET which improves trigger response, protects your battery and ensures the gearbox is timed properly for maximum efficiency. Also present in the H-15 is a rotary HOP-up unit, quick change spring guide and a Deans/T-plug battery connector. 

H-15 Carbine

ASG H-15 Carbine AEG

The H-15 Carbine is built for those who like to customise, boasting M-LOK slots across the handguard, a lengthy receiver rail and a 14mm CCW male threaded barrel, ready for your choice of muzzle device. Rocking a 11.5-inch outer barrel, the Carbine variant is ideal for both indoors and outdoors skirmishing, being short enough to turn and burn in CQB but with enough barrel length to challenge the big boys out in the woods.

H-15 CQB


For those who like things light and tight, ASG conceived the H-15 CQB. With an ultra-short 7-inch outer barrel and equally compact M-Rail handguard, the H-15 CQB really leans into the inherent ultra-snappy trigger response provided by the pre-installed ETU, and the result is a rock-solid, lightweight and agile close-quarters platform ideal for the CQB specialist. 

H-15 BET


The H-15 BET is for the sneaky players, boasting an integral suppressor (known as the Barrel Extension Tube by ASG) for that stealthy aesthetic. Unlike many other integrally suppressed designs, the M-Rail handguard installed on the H-15 BET allows for the foremost M-LOK slots to be used to mount accessories thanks to its enlarged design, meaning no compromises and maximum customisation options. 


A gorgeous platform, for sure, but only time will tell if the H-15 can live up to the standard set by the legendary ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1. Now you know a bit more about the H-15, perhaps you want to make it your next platform. If so, click the button below to check it out!

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