BB Weights

BB Weights

The basic principles for Airsoft BBs is that the heavier the weight, the longer they will travel, and the lighter BB the faster they will travel.

Strictly speaking the heaver the BB the more true they fly but the shorter the distance 

Please ensure that when purchasing you do not buy ‘Cheap BBs’ as they can damage your Airsoft Gun. When you purchase BBs from anyone always check for visible seams, discolouration and random weights.


0.12g - < 170fps

The lowest weight of Airsoft BB available, made for Springer rifles and pistols under 170fps. These types of BB can also be used in Grenade Launchers where spread is required. These types of BBs are not recommended for anything we sell, and should not be used in AEG or Gas powered weapons. Using these types of BB will invalidate your warranty with any Airsoft Retailer.

0.20g - 150fps - 350fps

The average weight of BB available. This is the most commonly used by Airsoft Skirmishers, and is the base rate weight of BB used to chrono weapons on Skirmish Sites. 

These can be used in rifles between 150-350fps and are perfect for CQB sites where there is no wind.

0.25g - 250fps - 350fps

The most used weight of BB available. This is most commonly used by Outdoors Airsoft Skirmishers who require a BB which is less affected by the wind and are great for punching through foliage. Perfect for use for people with guns that fire between 300fps-350fps.

0.28g - 310fps-400fps

This weight of BB is designed for people who value performance. This weight of BB is great for outdoor sites because they are less affected by the wind. Most Airsoft Guns can handle this when their hop is set quite high, but are best suited for rifles with an upgraded Hop-Up Unit which can apply more hop to the BB. Perfect for use with Rifles with an upgraded Hop-Up unit which fires 310fps - 400fps.


This weight of BB is designed for High Powered Spring Weapons, DMR or upgraded AEG. This is usually the top weight of BB you would ever want to use in a fully automatic AEG and is recommended for outdoor sites only.


This weight of BB is designed for High Powered Spring Weapons and DMR on Semi-Auto Only. 


This weight of BB is designed for use with High Powered Spring weapons, in the range of 380-450fps.


This weight of BB is designed for use with High powered Sniper rifles in the range of 440-500fps.


This weight of BB is reserved for High powered Sniper Rifles. This weight of BB can be used in standard sniper rifles with 450fps+, but for the best performance will want to be used with 470+ sniper rifle with upgraded hop units. 

Common Questions

What should I do if my Rifle jams?

Stop firing immediately! Turn your hop unit fully off and then use the unjamming rod to push the BB out of the barrel. If the rifle still does not fire stop firing immediately. Do not attempt to use the rifle any more and take it to your local Airsoft Retailer, alternatively you can call us on: 01484 644709.

Can I re-use BB?

You should not reuse BB as once they land they will collect dirt and become damaged. There is nothing worse than dirt and much getting inside your gun, or shattered bits of BB tearing your weapon’s hop-rubber or getting sucked back into the gearbox.

Can I use Metal Airsoft BB's / Glass / Ceramic BB / Paint BB / Exploding BB?

No. These can cause extreme damage to high quality Airsoft guns, anyone caught using these BB would be banned from an Airsoft Skirmish and are just plain dangerous. Using any of these types of BB in a gun will invalidate the warranty with any Airsoft Retailer.

What is the difference between 6mm and 8mm BB?

Some older guns and unique guns used larger 8mm BB, the only difference is the diameter. It is best to check with a site before using 8mm BBs and they may disallow them. These types of BB are so rare anyway, chances are that if you're asking this question you'll already know the difference.

What are Bio BB?

Biodegradable BB aka Bio BB which degrade over time in natural conditions. Some Airsoft Sites in the UK only allow the use of Bio-BB as part of their contract with landowners. Be careful when buying Bio BB as cheap ones can shatter inside your gun and break it.

What are Tracer BB?

Tracer BB are BBs which have a luminescent material, and glow in the dark when they have light applied to them. They are manufactured in the same way as standard BB but have a glowing pigment added to them. When used in conjunction with a BB Tracer unit they glow brightly in the dark aiding aiming.

I play CQB, what is the heaviest weight I can use?

We recommend nothing heavier than 0.25g BBs for use indoors. Anything higher than this is simply not required, and will just hurt people.

Are there any brands I should avoid?

Please ensure that when purchasing you do not buy ‘Cheap BBs’ as they can damage your weapon. When you purchase BBs from anyone always check for visible seams, discolouration and random weights. Only purchase BBs for a reputable Airsoft Shop, if they aren't selling them there is probably a reason.

Some of the FPS ratings for the BBs overlap, which ones should I choose?

Each gun requires different weights of BBs to be perfect, these values are just general values, it is worth buying two different weights and trying them to see which one works best for you.

What do different coloured BBs mean?

Different coloured BBs are just for people to be able to quickly identify what weight they are based on the brand.

Do I need to wash my Airsoft BB's?

You should not need to wash BB's ever.

Now you're all up to speed on BB's and their purpose, you can browse our huge range of Airsoft BB's HERE