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  • Lightweight
  • Elasticated Cotton
  • Worn in Multiple Ways

Perfect for keeping out the cold during the colder parts of the year, this lightweight snood can be worn on your neck or head to stay nice and warm. 

  • 3x Magazine Storage
  • 5.56 Magazine Compatible
  • Compact Rifle Mag Storage

Store up to 3 rifle magazines at a time within your VX series Velcro utility rig. Go compact, go secure, go dominate the battlefield with your new favourite setup.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • 4x SMG Magazines
  • Compact SMG Mag Storage

Stack up to 4x SMG magazines side by side in one unit. Ultra compact, secure, reliable and truly customisable in position within your VX utility rigs.

  • Stuff-able Pouch
  • Velcro Mountable
  • Compact Pistol Use

Expand your VX Utility rig and make way for a rapid attach and removable pistol sleeve. Suited for compact pistols including G-Series firearms to keep everything close to your chest.

RRP £8.50
Save £3.51
  • Looks like new
  • Includes notebook
  • MOLLE compatible

This notebook has two rear MOLLE straps to be mounted to your rig or vest, so you've always got a notebook nearby when you need it. This item also includes two front pockets suitable for pens and/or pencils.

Please be aware that we are unable to offer a refund or accept a return for this item.

RRP £8.50
Save £3.51
  • Like new
  • For A6 notebook
  • 2 rear MOLLE straps

Fed up of having to put your notebook in your pocket during a game? Look no further than this pouch for an A6 notebook. Features small compartments for pens/pencils and 2 MOLLE straps so you can get everything you need for not-taking at a moment's notice.

Please be aware we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds on this item.

Was £7.75
Save £2.00
  • Velcro Secured
  • Holds Garmin GPS
  • Padded Wrist Strap

Designed to mount Garmin GPS directly onto the users arm, displayed through a clear view laminate screen. 

  • MOLLE Fitting
  • High Magazine Coverage
  • Adjustable Elastic Retention

An incredible design that truly protects your pistol magazines be it single or double stack from 1911 to G-series and more.

  • Fits 2 x Thermo
  • MOLLE Backing
  • Suitable For BFGs

    An ideal MOLLE compatible Airsoft pouch for holding double thermo grenades or smoke screening grenades as pictured. 

    • Bungee Quick Release
    • Holds a Single Magazine
    • Holds STANAG 5.56mm / AK Mags

    A magazine pouch designed to be attached to MOLLE compatible rigs, bags and plate carriers, and holds a single Airsoft replica STANAG 5.56mm style magazine. 

    • 100% Acrylic
    • One Size Fits All
    • Reversible Viper Logo

    A perfect addition to your winter kit. This hat will keep the tips of your ears warm during a skirmish, and prevent any involuntary swearing when you are inevitably hit in said places! 

    Was £9.99
    Save £4.00
    • Soft Padded Lining
    • Removable Carry Handle
    • Internal Elasticated Retainers

    An essential piece of kit for Airsofters who need to protect electronic devices, and perfect for both every-day general use, or even used in-game. 

    • Bendable Peak
    • Elasticated Fitting
    • Velcro Top & Front

    A very comfortable, one size fits all elasticated baseball cap. Available in a range of colours for all environments, keep your head cool whilst keeping the sun out of your eyes.

    • Elastic Retention
    • Ultra Low Profile
    • MOLLE Fitting Rear

    Build upon your ultra compact VP range rig, mix and match pouches with these single assault rifle elastic retention pouches. Keep it slim, keep it lightweight and keep it fast!

    • AA battery powered
    • Alloy
    • construction

    A compact light emitting device designed to be worn on your MOLLE. The torch can be secured to a small belt, pocket and other clothed areas. 

    • Lightweight Mesh
    • Double Sided Print
    • Perfect Concealment

    A lightweight scarf which can be used for a range of different scenarios. The scarf can be worn arround the neck, head or even used as a sniper veil to keep the user concealed.

    Was £9.95
    Save £3.00
    • Wrist Mounted Case
    • Fold out Map Pocket
    • Three Internal Pocket

    A one size fits all wrist mounted map case which can be worn either directly on the arm, or on top of jackets and tops. The pouch is constructed from 600 Denier Cordua, and features three internal transparent windows for holding maps and other important documentation. 

    Was £9.95
    Save £3.00
    • Trim To Fit
    • Washable & Breathable
    • Odour-free & Antibacterial

    Layered insoles developed by Viper to deliver comfort to any shoes and boots, manufactured to last and can be shaped into any size.

    • 22cm Shroud
    • Improve Aesthetics
    • Protect From Scratches

    A Nylon cover designed to protect and improve the aesthetics of any suppressor or barrel it's installed on.

    RRP £13.95
    Save £7.00
    • New and unused
    • Internal map case
    • Fold-out admin compartment

    Not just for keeping an A5 notebook safe from the elements, this item features an admin panel with space for pens, mobile phones and anything else you might need with you. This product does have some small stains/marks inside the notebook compartment.

    Please note we are unable to provide refunds or accept returns on boneyard items.

    • Velcro Panels
    • Rip-Stop Fabric
    • Nylon / Cotton Mix

    A baseball cap designed for use in the outdoors during extreme sports and similar hobbies, making it ideally suited for use in Airsoft. 

    • Easy to Remove
    • High Strength Tape
    • Adhesive Fabric Material

    A high strength, heavy duty, fabric wrap designed to be wrapped around weapons either as a Concealment Aid, for Weapon Protection or user Comfort.

    • MOLLE Fitting
    • Ultra-Compact
    • Super Lightweight

    The most compact dump pouch on the market, and when you are done with it, simply stuff it back in its own MOLLE pouch! Ultra-compact, lightweight, durable and a must have.

    • Elastic Retention
    • Ultra Low Profile
    • MOLLE Fitting Rear

    Ultra compact and MOLLE compatible Airsoft pistol magazine storage. Hold up to 2x magazines either single or double stack incredibly close to your RIG to keep a slim profile.

    Was £12.49
    Save £5.00
    • Quick Release
    • Bottle Included
    • MOLLE Compatible

    A Water Bottle Pouch and Bottle combo which can be attached to MOLLE compatible Rigs and Vests allowing you to re-hydrate on the move. 

    RRP £8.50
    Save £1.01
    • Laser Cut Webbing
    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Double Zip Closure

    A small utility pouch designed to hold tools, equipment and even Pyro on your MOLLE Compatible Rig for easy access when Airsofting. 

    • Velcro Secure Flap
    • Holds 2 Magazines
    • For UMP / P90 Mags

    A MOLLE compatible magazine pouch designed to be affixed to MOLLE compatible tactical gear such as chest rigs, belts and backpacks, which holds up to two Airsoft P90 or UMP submachine gun magazines. 

    • ID Storage
    • MOLLE Pouch
    • Internal Loops

    A miniature pouch designed to be attached to MOLLE compatible vests, rigs and bags allowing you to carry extra items, tools or grenades with you into combat.