Viper Tactical Sneaker

  • Cordua Lining
  • Lightweight Boot
  • Boot Speed Hooks

    A pair of lightweight tactical sneakers, a great alternative to the traditional boot, which are breathable and comfortable, suitable for many uses.

    Full description


    The boot is secured using laces, with 6 eyelets, and 4 boot speed hooks to ensure the boots do not come off even during intense situations. The soles of the boots are textured in the right places to offer enhanced traction, with extra grip at the heels and front for when you need to move fast. The boots are also vented at the instep, to keep feed cool and dry, allowing moisture to escape. These boots are perfect for those who want the features of a boot, but in a more comfortable and lightweight form factor, and are perfect for CQB and urban skirmishing.


    • Lightweight sneaker style boot
    • Sports-fit design
    • Multi-sectioned sole
    • Cordua sides and tongue
    • Suede finishings
    • Textured soles for extra grip
    • Vented instep
    • Laced design
    • Top boot speed hooks
    • Only 324g per boot
    • 5.5'' high from the sole
    • 1.2'' sole at the heel

    Package Includes:

    • Tactical Sneaker

    Special Instructions

    Due to the tighter Sports-Fit Style it is recommended that you purchase a size larger than your boot sizing.



    Colour Wheel Greyscale
    Item Colour
    Coyote Tan
    Weight KG Icon
    Weight (KG)
    Approx. 0.649kg
    UK Shoe Size
    6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
    Age Group
    Patrol Base | Icon | Adult


    Material Icon
    Rubber, Suede, Cordura,

    Size guide

    Boot Buying Help

    When buying boots its always important to buy a size larger than you would for your shoes, this is to allow for room for thicker socks.

    When you try on your boots for the first time always ensure that you lace them up correctly so you can get a good feel for how the boots fit long term.

    Shoe Size Conversion Chart

    If you need to convert your shoe size depending on your location you can use the chart below. This is a rough guide, but should point you in the right direction when picking the appropriate size.

    UK Size EU Size US Size
    5.5 39 6
    6 39 6.5
    6.5 40 7
    7 40 - 41 7.5
    7.5 41 8
    8 41 - 42 8.5
    8.5 42 9
    9 42 - 43 9.5
    9.5 43 10
    10 43 - 44 10.5
    10.5 44 11
    11 44 - 45 11.5
    11.5 45 12
    12.5 46 13

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