FALCON 5k HPA Air Bottle System Burst Disk

Code: 11112
  • Easy to Replace
  • Brass Burst Disk
  • Highly Polished Finish

An inexpensive and vital component to any HPA system. These burst disks work in the same way a fuse works in an electrical circuit - they are the weakest point and will fail/blow out, preventing catastrophic damage to your expensive HPA equipment.

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Designed to fit most HPA systems out there. These small and inexpensive items fail to prevent most expensive components from going seriously wrong. Should your bottle ever become over pressurised, you have a serious incident (drop or collision) or incorrectly filled up then this will fail first. The part itself is finished to an incredibly high quality as seen in the pictures. The threads and polished look are incredibly precise and quite mesmerising to look at


  • Easy to fit with an a small spanner
  • 5K rated
  • 2 point ventilation
  • Incredibly high quality finish
  • Fits most HPA systems out there
  • Brass burst disk
  • Prevent failure of more expensive parts
  • Check with your air supplies manufacturer to what rated burst disk you need

Package Includes:

  • 5k HPA Air Bottle System Burst Disk



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