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  • For belts or bags
  • Great for holding keys
  • Quick detach via the buckle

If you need somewhere secure to keep your keys whilst you skirmish, or even for day to day life, 8 Fields have a handy solution! The Buckle Snap Hook provides a robust steel hook to attach your keys too which can be quickly detached using the polymer buckle. The Buckle Snap Hook is intended for use on belts, but can probably also be threaded through a single MOLLE loop if you prefer to mount it on your rig or a MOLLE belt.

  • 1000D Polyester construction
  • Holds 2x 7.62 STANAG style magazine
  • Velcro attachment - For plate carrier kangaroo pouches

If you are using a buckle up "micro-rig", or a more modern plate carrier with a velcro lined kangaroo style pouch, being able to attach pouches without increasing the bulk of your rig is a major benefit. This Double AR-10/SR25/7.62 Magazine insert is designed to slip inside a velcro lined pouch, whether it is on the front of a plate carrier or on a chest rig, and hold 2x 7.62 STANAG sized magazines (SR25, M14, SCAR-H). The pouch is constructed from 1000D Polyester and includes male velcro on one side and female velcro on the other, with elastic loops at the bottom to hold the magazines in.

  • Fits MOLLE Loops
  • Horizontal MOLLE
  • For Pouches/Holsters

A panel for MOLLE Systems, allowing you to install MOLLE compatible pouches horizontally for easier access to Magazine Pouches/Holsters etc. This is also a great way to maximise available space on a Chest Rig, by installing further Mag Pouches on already existing pouches, so as not to get in the way of your equipment.

  • Pistol mag or small item pouch
  • Perfect for speed loaders and tools
  • Secured via a buckle 

This Pistol Mag/Multitool Pouch for MOLLE from 8 Fields Tactical provides the perfect solution for carrying small and strangely shaped items, such as multitools or speed loaders, but can also take pistol magazines if you require a more generic pistol mag pouch that can hold magazines of varying width. The pouch can be attached to any MOLLE equipped surface, and uses a buckle at the front to secure the pouch lid. 

  • MOLLE Compatible
  • For Pistol Magazines
  • Holds 1 Standard Mag

    A modular MOLLE pouch designed to securely store one standard sized Airsoft pistol magazine, and can be fitted to a variety of belts or rigs. 

    • Holds Up To 2 Magazines
    • For SMG5/SMG7/MP9 Mag
    • MOLLE System Compatible

    A fabric magazine pouch designed to hold SMG-5, SMG-7 and MP9 magazines once adjusted by the Velcro front panels and is fully MOLLE compatible. 

    • One/Two Point
    • Ideal for P90 SMG
    • Aluminium Clasps

    A Tactical Sling designed for use with P90 Airsoft Submachine Guns, holding the Gun on your Chest for easy access when using a Sidearm/Secondary. The included Loop should be installed to the rear of your Stock, and the Clasps of the Sling connected to the Loop to provide a Single Loop over your Neck. This holds the P90 in the ready position on your Chest/Stomach, but the Sling could also be used for other Two-Point applications by not using the included Stock Loop.

    • Single/Double Stack
    • Holds 2 x Pistol Mags
    • Velcro Flap Retention

    A Double Magazine Pouch for Airsoft Replica Pistol Magazines, happily holding two Single or Double Stack Mags. Compatible with MOLLE, this Pouch will easily install to any MOLLE Chest Rig, Plate Carrier or Drop Leg Platform, and is the perfect way to carry enough Magazines on you to have a good run with your Pistol when you need it! Carry more Magazines and play for longer without having to crawl back to the Safe Zone for a reload.

    • 1000D Polyester construction
    • For Sniper rifle mags or 7.62 AEG
    • MOLLE compatible

    If you are looking for a way to carry your 7.62 styled mags look no further! The Sniper Rifle/7.62 Mag pouch from 8Fields Tactical provides an ideal pouch for G3, SR25, M14 and SVD magazines, as well as being able to hold large sniper rifle magazines or multiple small sniper rifle mags.

    • Belt mounted MOLLE panel
    • Provides 3 rows of MOLLE
    • Compatible with 2.5-inch wide belts and smaller

    If you have a normal belt but you want to add a MOLLE holster or pouch, you are in luck! The Belt Mounted MOLLE Panel from 8 Fields Tactical provides 3 rows of molle, with the two columns on either side providing two loops, and the central 4 columns providing 3 loops of attachment surfaces. This panel attaches to any belt of fewer than 2 inches in width and is a great way to add MOLLE pouches, holsters and other accessories to your bog-standard belt. The panel is constructed from 1000D Polyester giving it both strength and water resistance. 

    • For M4/M16 Stocks
    • For 'Last Stand' Heroic Moments
    • Holds STANAG 5.56mm Magazine

    A stock mounted magazine pouch, designed to fit on M4 and M16 type Stocks and holds a single STANAG 5.56mm style magazine. The pouch itself is constructed from 600D Nylon, with polymer buckles and velcro securing straps.

    • Double Pouch
    • For Pistol Magazines
    • Elastic Retention Loops

    A 1000D Polyester constructed Double Magazine Pouch for Pistol Magazines, which is MOLLE compatible and retained by Elastic Loops. The front face of the Pouch has Velcro for adding patches and other flair to your loadout.

    • "Dangler" style pouch
    • Large internal compartment
    • Attaches to Velcro

    If you are looking for an additional place to stash miscellaneous Airsoft accessories, including speed loaders, maps, pyro grenades and other strange shaped items, a dangler pouch is a great option. The Drop-Down Utility Pouch from 8Fields Tactical is a single compartment dangler style pouch which attaches to any plate carrier with a velcro secured cummerbund. Access to the compartment is provided by a strong YKK zip with a glove-friendly extension, and the pouch also includes a Velcro section at the front for the addition of a patch. This pouch is constructed from 1000D Polyester, providing high stitch density for additional strength and water resistance.

    • 2 Point Sling
    • Suited for AK
    • Easy to Adjust

    Rugged and durable adjustable 2 Point sling ideally suited for Airsofters wanting to support the weight of their Airsoft AK Rifles. 

    • For SMG5/SMG7/MP9 Mag
    • Holds Up To 3 Magazines
    • MOLLE System Compatible 

    A fabric magazine pouch designed to hold SMG5, SMG7 and MP9 magazines once adjusted by the Velcro front panels and is fully MOLLE compatible. 

    • Adjustable Elastic Retention
    • High Magazine Coverage
    • MOLLE Compatible

      An incredible design that truly protects your pistol magazines while you're carrying them, be it single or double stack from 1911 to G-series and more.

      These pouches are specifically designed to be attached to MOLLE Platform items, such as rigs, plate carriers and even backpacks which feature MOLLE panels.

      • For Grenades
      • Adjustable Size
      • Open Top Retention

      Exactly what it says on the tin: a versatile open top retention pouch which is adjustable to fit most realistically sized grenades.

      • Holds 6 x Shells
      • Velcro Mounted
      • Choice of Colours

      A Velcro-secured holder for 6 x Airsoft Shotgun Shells which can attach anywhere that has a free space of Velcro available, and has six elasticated loops for Shotgun Shells, Pyro and other similarly sized articles.

      • 1000D Polyester
      • Waterproof
      • MOLLE compatible

      If you have ever reached into your pocket for a map and pulled out a chem light and your multitool instead, this pouch might help you stay organised under fire! The 8 Fields Tactical Utility pouch is a compact pouch with expansive internal space and multiple loops and pockets within to keep all your mission essentials secure and in their place.

      • For Belt/Sling
      • Holds 12 Shells
      • Elastic Shell Loops

      A Shotgun Shell Pouch and Sling designed to hold up to 12 Airsoft Shotgun Shells for quick and easy access in a comfortable manner. 

      • 2 x Rear Pouches
      • Internal Organiser
      • MOLLE Compatible

      A MOLLE compatible Admin/Utility Pouch for Chest Rigs and Tactical Vests that have available MOLLE loops. It is secured by a Dual Glove-Friendly Zips and features an Internal Organiser, as well as Front Velcro ID Panel and 2 x Rear M4 Magazine Pouches.

      • Keep Mags Safe
      • MOLLE Attachable
      • Rolling Dump Pouch

      A MOLLE compatible dump pouch for storing used magazines, which has been designed so that when not in use it can be rolled up and folded away to prevent it getting in the way of movement.