Action Army AAP-01 Upper Receiver Connector

Action Army
Code: PU0212
  • For AAP-01
  • 14mm CCW
  • Shorten Barrel

This Alloy constructed Adapter is designed for the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol, and serves to completely shorten your Outer Barrel, by replacing it with this Adapter. This will give you a 14mm CCW Thread right at the front of the Receiver, allowing you to create an incredibly compact Pistol.

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The Adapter is very easy to install, and simply needs a few Screws removing to get it in place. First, you must remove the Upper "Receiver" off the Frame by pushing the release button and the back of the Frame, and lifting the Upper Receiver up and off the Pistol. On the underside, you will see two large Allen Screws which need removing. Once they've been taken out, you can pull the Outer Barrel/HOP Assembly out of the Upper Receiver. With this removed, you can then access the two smaller Allen Screws that hold the Outer Barrel into the Inner Barrel / HOP Chamber. With these removed, the Outer Barrel should slide off the Inner Barrel / HOP Chamber and the new Upper Receiver Connector can be installed in its' place.

If you own an Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Pistol and you want to replace your Outer Barrel Assembly with a Suppressor, then this is exactly the piece you need.


  • For AAP-01 Pistol
  • Alloy Construction
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Shortens Pistol
  • Replaces Outer Barrel
  • Easy Installation
  • Ideal for Suppressor

Package Includes

  • Action Army AAP-01 Upper Receiver Connector

Special Instructions

Please note that the Inner Barrel will retain its length, and needs to be hidden with a Suppressor, or replaced with a shorter Inner Barrel.

Simple Installation Instructions

  1. Remove Magazine
  2. Remove Upper Receiver
  3. Remove 2 x Allen Screws from Outer Barrel
  4. Remove Outer Barrel from Receiver
  5. Remove 2 x smaller Allen Screws from Outer Barrel
  6. Remove Outer Barrel Assembly from HOP Chamber/Inner Barrel
  7. Replace Outer Barrel w/ Upper Receiver Connector
  8. Replace all Screws in order they were removed
  9. Reassemble Pistol



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Thread Adaptor


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Approx. 0.01kg

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Weapon Platform