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  • 3 x Lens Tints
  • Well Ventilated
  • Wide Field of View

A set of Protective Goggles for Airsoft use, that provide a clear, wide field of view so that you can clearly see the battlefield. Replicated a well-known design, these Goggles feature a modest gap between the Lens and Frame that allows heat to escape, but is not wide enough for a BB to pass through. This offers you the benefit of both reduced fogging and peace of mind.

  • ANSI Z87.1
  • Anti Fog & Static
  • Anti-Scratch Coat

Lancer Tactical present the AERO Protective Goggles, which feature an incredibly comfortable and low profile frame, coupled with a dual-pane lens that is both Anti-Fog and Anti-Static, as well as having a Anti-Scratch Coating to keep the lens fresh.

  • H2X™ Anti Fog
  • Dual Pane Lens
  • 99.9% UV Protection

A set of American made glasses/goggles which are lightweight, slim and flexible to transform to the shape of your face; featuring H2X™ anti-fog technology, excellent extreme weather performance and an interchangeable strap.

  • Ideal for Airsoft
  • Ventilated Frame
  • Exceptional Quality

A pair of ballistic safety goggles with a co-injected, ventilated frame that guarantees comfort and clear vision, making them ideal for Airsoft. With a large headstrap and wide field of view, these are perfect for getting into the thick of it, safe in the knowledge that your eyes are well protected.

  • Full-Seal Goggles
  • Anti-Fog/Scratch Lens
  • UV Radiation / Other Ratings

A pair of Safety Goggles to provide ballistic protection for your eyes whilst playing Airsoft. They offer a full-seal, allowing them to be used at CQB arenas that stipulate this rule, and let you play safe in the knowledge that there's no way a BB can work it's way inside the Goggles. With the full suite of BOLLE ratings and protections, these Goggles guarantee ultimate protection.

The BOLLE Silex+ Glasses are made to the fantastic standard that BOLLE have set themselves since they started making glasses and frames in 1936. They are manufactured to European standards and are fully rated to be safe for Airsoft use.

  • 2 x Lenses & Legs
  • Ideal For Fast Sports
  • Incredibly Comfortable

Airsoft Safety Glasses, designed to the highest safety standards to offer 100% protection when Airsofting. Included with 2 x frames, 2 x lenses, carry bag and case.

  • Polarised Lens
  • PC/TPR Temples
  • Lightweight (32g)

A stylish and comfortable pair of protective glasses from BOLLE, the absolute name in eye protection. The frame is made from a lightweight Polymer with Rubber inserts to be comfortable against the temple, and the Polarised lens will protect your eyes from the sun and impacts with an EN 166 and EN 172 rating.

  • Full seal goggles
  • Dual polycarbonate lens
  • Ballistic rated STANAG 2920 / MIL-PRF-32432A

If you are searching for a pair of full seal goggles, but you want the guaranteed reliability of a company that has been furnishing Airsofters with eye protection for decades, the Chronosoft Full Seal Safety Goggles from BSSI are what you need! These goggles are ballistic rated with an EN 166 and EN 172 rating and are compliant with STANAG 2920 / MIL-PRF-32432A. There is also enough room under these to fit most prescription glasses! 

  • Multiple Lens Kit
  • Flexible Polymer Legs
  • Completely Framed Lens

The must have pair of glasses for anyone who also requires prescription glasses to be worn inside. The kit comes with a clear frame you can take to your opticians or apply through Bolle to have custom lenses cut to your requirements. 

  • Clear Lens Only
  • Elastic Head Strap
  • Open Top & Bottom Lens

Based off of the x1000 sharing similar design features. Suitable for use with helmets so makes an ideal eye protection for any Airsofters and Extreme Sports Enthusiasts who wear helmets.

  • Clear Lens Only
  • Elastic Head Strap
  • Completely Framed Lens

A middle ground between the x800i and the x1000 offering a complete closed frame lens yet highly comfortable and includes the sought after none slip head restraining strap. 

About Our Airsoft Goggles & Glasses

In the fast-moving world of Airsoft, taking a shot to the eye can be disastrous. Eliminate the risk - equip yourself with the right protection to take on tournament after tournament without ever showing fear. Our Airsoft goggles and glasses offer robust protection against impact - with a wide choice of design and wear options.

Many glasses come with UVA & UVB protection as well as anti-glare properties. We proudly stock Bolle B.S.S.I Airsoft glasses, as well as other leading brands such as NUPROL.

Many of our robust Airsoft goggles provide panoramic views, protecting you by helping you spot the enemy quicker. We even offer anti-fog Airsoft goggles to help ensure your vision stays clear throughout the match. Keep your Airsoft glasses safe when not worn by tucking them into your Airsoft harness or MOLLE pouch.

If you’re sneaking up for a melee ‘kill’ or sniping from a distance, eye protection is a must in our sport. Take it seriously and equip yourself with durable eyewear from Patrol Base today. As you expand your equipment, why not pick up an Airsoft backpack or Airsoft battle belt to store all of your Airsoft gear safely and securely.

Ready to add to your kit and enjoy safer sniping? Shop online now or visit us in-store.