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  • Suppressor Included
  • Suppressor Included
  • Rubberised Grip

A gas blow back Airsoft pistol designed by VORSK based off the 1911 design. VORSK has taken a look at the 1911 platform and made their own tweaks to make it into a truly next level pistol. This pistol comes as a complete package, including the Pistol, Suppressor and a Magazine.

Green Gas Pistols, for a quicker re-fill allowing you to keep on shooting..

Here at Patrol Base we offer a vast range of Airsoft 6mm BB Pistols, with a design to suit every Taste. We offer a variety of different gun styles, including Realistic Imitation Pistols which look just like the real thing, designed for Airsoft Skirmishers, Reenactors, and for Training. Gas Blowback Pistols are the Gem of Airsoft, and are powered by Gas to allow the weapon's slide to move back when firing, simulating recoil and giving the weapon a satisfying kick. If you're looking for realism whilst playing Airsoft look no further!

If you fancy something modern we have a range of Modern Style 1911, FN 5-7, FNX-45 and more, with all the tactical upgrades you could desire for those who want something a little more fancy. If you're looking for something more current we have a range of G-Series and F226 Pistols which are used by current serving Armed Forces around the world, as well as Police and Target Shooters. If you're looking for items which are a blast from the past we even offer more Old-school Traditional weapons, such as the Russian Makarov, German Lugers and British Hi-Powers.

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Here at Patrol Base Airsoft stock a range of Green Gas Blowback Pistols from some of the most well known brands, such as: Raven, Armorer Works, ASG, NUPROL and Tokyo Marui. All our pistols are available online and in our brick and mortar shop so you can come get some hands on time before you buy!

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Looking for a pistol which will put your friend's BB guns to shame? It's time for the big plays: grab yourself a Green Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol and be the envy of your friends. Airsoft Gas blowbacks not only perform better, but they're built from higher quality parts and materials.

Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols are very realistic, stripping for cleaning just like the real thing, and even offer simulated blowback when the slide moves to the rear for an impressive bang and kick!

Want to know exactly why Airsoft Replica are so much better than BB Guns? Check out our BB Guns Page.